GlamourGlitz Makeup Highlighter Wand


Experience an instant, luxurious glow-up with our GlamourGlitz Makeup Highlighter Wand!

Our sophisticated highlighter stick features a convenient puff head that effortlessly delivers a flawless, even shimmer in just one dab. Elevate your makeup game and naturally accentuate your features, leaving everyone in awe. The skin-friendly, sparkly formula blends and layers seamlessly onto your skin without irritation, making it a stunning, safe choice for enhancing your face, collarbones, arms, lips, legs, shoulders, and even hair. Gently tap the highlighter stick on your skin to achieve your desired level of shimmer, from subtle radiance to a bold, eye-catching glow.

Indulge in a high-shine look that remains impeccable all day long, without fading, smudging, or transferring. Choose from three mesmerizing iridescent shades—pink, pearl white, and honey bronze—to stand out at any event. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, clubbing, parties, festivals, cosplays, photoshoots, dates, birthdays, themed parties, concerts, and dance raves. With its portable design, you can easily achieve a chic shimmer effect anytime, anywhere.

GlamourGlitz Makeup Highlighter Wand has the following product:


  • Net weight: 10g
  • Color: Pearl white / pink / honey

Package Includes

  • GlamourGlitz Makeup Highlighter Wand

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GlamourGlitz Makeup Highlighter Wand
GlamourGlitz Makeup Highlighter Wand
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