Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules


AAFQ™ Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules are truly remarkable, providing comprehensive care for my potted hydrangeas, making them vibrant, healthy, and flourishing.

Now, my potted hydrangeas at home bloom like never before and have become a centerpiece in my living space. If you’re a potted plant enthusiast, consider trying AAFQ™ Capsules. It might enhance your plant cultivation experience.

Horticultural scientist Dr. John Smith explains, “AAFQ™ Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules are a unique product developed specifically for all types of plants. They promote lush plant growth, reinvigorating vitality. Simultaneously, it enhances water source quality, maintaining a balance of moisture and nutrients, ensuring healthier plants. This product combines the latest scientific advancements with horticultural expertise, providing enduring vitality to plants. The formula has undergone rigorous validation, proving its safety and harmlessness without any adverse side effects. It’s not only an outstanding achievement after years of research but also a powerful tool for plant care.

The ingredient combination in AAFQ™ Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules has undergone meticulous research to provide comprehensive plant care. This is a truly magical elixir that rejuvenates plants, developed through a patented special formula in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture and scientists. The formula has been validated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure safety, non-toxicity, and zero side effects. It also has no adverse impact on the soil.

AAFQ™ Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules has the following product:

Important Tips:

  • Use regularly according to each plant’s needs (typically every 2-4 weeks) for optimal results.
  • Store in a dry, shaded place, out of reach of children.
  • Avoid ingestion and contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


  • Type: Capsules
  • Net Content: Pack of 14 capsules
  • Origin: New Jersey, USA

AAFQ™ Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules
Green Yinbao Nutritional Essence Capsules
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