Hair Growth SprayRegrowth


Hair Growth SprayRegrowth

Growth Inspired By Nature

Hair Growth SprayRegrowth

Say goodbye to finding clumps of hair in the shower drain and say hello to a revitalised head of hair and sense of confidence.

How to use:

Use twice a day for morning and night. Spray serum to the hair root, gently massage the scalp to stimulate absorption of nutrients into hair follicles.


  • Hair grows 5 times faster
  • Longer, thicker and healthier hair after 14 days
  • Reduces Hair fall & Damage
  • Supports Hair Strength & Growth
  • For people with hair issues: hair loss, breakage, baldness…

I was skeptical, but after using this for about 2 weeks I noticed growth in my trouble spots – the “corners” of my hairline. You can see the new growth/peach fuzz in the photo. It’s not oily at all – soaks in right away and leaves no kind of residue. I’ll definitely continue to use this!

Anne F.


Pictures are about 3 months apart. The bottle says to use a couple drops 7-14 times a week. I typically only do in the mornings, so only 7 times a week and I am still seeing results! This stuff is great and has given me confidence back to wear my hair up. The scent is also very mild. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!



This past summer I burned my hair with a blow dryer!! I was almost in tears as I saw my hair helplessly falling off. I filled out 3 bathroom bins full of hair! I didn’t know what to do! Until it occurred to me to look up a product for hair growth. I stumbled across this one on Amazon and decided to give it a chance. BEST DECISION EVER! Now my hair doesn’t stay on my brush when I comb it and the thickness is BACK!




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Hair Growth SprayRegrowth
Hair Growth SprayRegrowth
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