HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam


HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam


HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam

What Problems Could Poor Dental Health Cause?

HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam

  • Oral diseases, while largely preventable, pose a major health burden for many countries and affect people throughout their lifetime, causing pain, discomfort, disfigurement, and even death.
  • It is estimated that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people.
  • Untreated dental caries (tooth decay) in permanent teeth is the most common health condition according to the Global Burden of Disease 2019.
  • Treatment for oral health conditions is expensive and usually not part of universal health coverage (UHC).
  • Most low- and middle-income countries do not have sufficient services available to prevent and treat oral health conditions.
  • Oral diseases are caused by a range of modifiable risk factors common to many noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including sugar consumption, tobacco use, alcohol use poor hygiene, and their underlying social and commercial determinants.

The Science Behind HONXI Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam

HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam

🔥 Garlic Extract: it can kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria, especially strains resistant to a variety of antibiotics. So it is known as “natural broad-spectrum antibiotics“. It has a certain volatility and can diffuse into the root canal. It can significantly reduce the level of endotoxin in the infected root canal, and its effect is enhanced with the increase of its concentration and time, it has become one of the research hotspots of new root canal disinfectants.

🔥 Peppermint Extract: possesses strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, preventing tooth decay and gum inflammation. The natural aroma of peppermint helps reduce bad breath and swelling of the gums. Peppermint Extract has astringent properties, which can reduce the risk of plaque formation on teeth and gums.

🔥 Clover: contains natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that can soothe gum inflammation and alleviate pain in cases of gum infection. The antioxidants in Clover protect the natural immune function of gums and teeth, preventing their weakening. Clover may also assist in naturally whitening teeth and reducing surface yellowing.

🔥 Golden chamomile extract: it works excellently for sensitive skin because it can calm broken capillaries for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. So it’s great for relieving bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

🔥 Propolis: helps the teeth to resist oxidation, resist the erosion of bacteria and fungi, and the bioactive flavonoids it contains can stimulate the formation of reparative dentin and relieve pulp inflammation. It could effectively stimulate tooth regeneration.

Recommended By The Professional Dentist

HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam

“As a dentist, I highly recommend HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam. This product has shown remarkable results in enhancing teeth aesthetics and promoting dental health. Over 96% of my patients have experienced significant improvements, including teeth whitening and enamel remineralization. It’s the latest product certified by the American Dental Association and effectively addresses various oral problems, from dental calculus to bad breath, with no side effects. Made from 100% natural herbs, HONXI’s suitable for everyone, including children, young people, and the elderly. This oral care solution from HONXI is truly impressive. This is the most groundbreakingoralproduct of 2024″ – Dr. Alexander Davis, a highly respected dentist with over 20 years of expertise in Berlin, Germany

What Can HONXI Do For You?

Whiten Teeth

HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam can help you remove dental plaque, calculus, germs, etc., and make your teeth completely white within 1 week, no matter whether your teeth are yellow or black.

Eliminate Bad Breath

HONXI Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam can help you remove the germs that cause bad breath, dental calculus, tonsil stones, tooth decay, etc., completely help you eradicate bad breath, and the added menthol can make your breath fresh.

Relieve And Prevent Mouth Sores

Mouth ulcers are usually caused by bacterial erosion, which makes us suffer from pain and prevents us from eating normally. This herbal brightening oral foam from HONXI can help you kill the bacteria in your mouth and heal mouth ulcers.

Prevent Cavities

HONXI Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam can help you kill bacteria that penetrate deep into the alveolar and root canal, stimulate the restorative formation of dentin, and help repair tooth decay. For severely necrotic cavities, it can stimulate the gums to produce new tooth germs and promote the growth of new teeth.

Remove Calculus

Calculus is calcified dental plaque that inflames the gums, which can lead to bone loss, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, etc. HONXI Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam can help eliminate dental plaque and remove stubborn calculus attached to teeth, making your teeth white and healthy again.

Stimulate The Regrowth Of Lost Teeth

HONXI Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam can stimulate the gum bone to produce epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells, which will form new tooth germs and grow new teeth. It is a perfect solution for accidental tooth loss, tooth loss due to necrosis, and elderly tooth loss. No need to go to the dentist for expensive dentures.

How To Use

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HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam
HONXI™ Herbal Brightening Oral Repair Foam
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