InviPlate™ LCD Car License Plate Protector


Discover the ultimate privacy solution tailored for avid car enthusiasts with InviPlate™ LCD Car License Plate Protector!

Are you a passionate automobile lover who values privacy during auto exhibitions or off-road adventures? Look no further than our revolutionary product, the InviPlate™ LCD Car License Plate Protector!

Designed explicitly for off-road journeys and auto shows, the InviPlate™ offers unparalleled privacy at your fingertips.

Instant Privacy Control

In a world where prioritizing privacy, especially regarding license plates, has become mandatory, InviPlate™ empowers you with effective personal information protection. Activated effortlessly by a wireless remote, these license plate covers seamlessly transform into an opaque shield, establishing a robust defense against unwanted attention. Rest assured, InviPlate™ ensures the preservation of your privacy in a world where safeguarding personal information is paramount.

Undetectable by Video & Photo Cameras

In the presence of video recording or intense flashes, InviPlate™ stands unrivaled. Regardless of the circumstances, our innovative plate consistently conceals license plate information, guaranteeing your privacy. With a swift and seamless blur activation within just 0.3 seconds, InviPlate™ ensures that your personal information remains hidden, offering you peace of mind in any situation.

Tailored for Auto Exhibitions and Off-Road Excursions

Beyond being a typical license plate cover, InviPlate™ is meticulously designed for individuals who value privacy in unique situations. Whether you’re displaying your vehicle at an auto show or venturing into off-road adventures, our product is tailored to ensure that your personal details stay discreetly concealed. InviPlate™ caters to the diverse needs of those who seek both functionality and privacy in a variety of scenarios, providing a versatile and effective solution.

Wireless Ease

Effortlessly switch between privacy mode and standard display using our user-friendly wireless remote control. The process is swift, convenient, and trouble-free, ensuring that you maintain control over your privacy with ease. This intuitive feature allows you to seamlessly manage the visibility of your license plate, providing you with a quick and efficient way to adapt to varying situations while preserving your personal space.

Superior Quality and Resilience

Constructed using premium-grade materials, InviPlate™ not only assures effective concealment of your license plate but also guarantees exceptional durability, making it well-suited for off-road adventures. Our commitment to quality ensures that InviPlate™ not only safeguards your privacy with efficient plate concealment but also withstands the rigors of diverse terrains, providing you with a reliable and enduring solution for your off-road escapades.

Easy Installation

Experience a hassle-free setup with InviPlate™ – no intricate wiring or electrical work needed. Just effortlessly connect our frame to any 12V accessory outlet and power it on using the wireless remote switch. Revel in the unparalleled ease of installation and privacy control, bringing you a level of simplicity and convenience like never before. With InviPlate™, achieving both effortless installation and efficient privacy control has never been more accessible!


  • 12v Battery included
  • Wireless remote included
  • Slim license plate frame included
  • Fuse holder included


  • InviPlate™ LCD Car License Plate Protector * 1/2/4/8 Pieces Frame(s)
  • Installation Instruction *1 per box

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InviPlate™ LCD Car License Plate Protector
InviPlate™ LCD Car License Plate Protector
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