iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking-X AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch


iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking-X AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch

Guard Your Privacy on the Go: Introducing the iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch.

In a world where microphones and cameras hide in plain sight, this smartwatch is your personal shield, offering advanced AI-powered protection against prying eyes and ears.

It’s not just a watch; it’s a statement of security and style. With signal blocking technology, stalking prevention, and dynamic adaptability, stay one step ahead in safeguarding your personal space. Sleek, smart, and secure – the iRosesilk™ Smartwatch is your everyday armor in the digital age.

Check out the feedback from our verified customers:

“Living in a high-security apartment complex with CCTV cameras everywhere can feel a bit intrusive at times. That’s why the iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch is incredible, it helps maintain my personal space by blocking unwanted surveillance. Since I started wearing it, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how I move around my living environment – it’s like an invisible shield that ensures my moments remain private. The watch itself is sleek and modern, fitting perfectly into my daily life. For anyone looking to reclaim their privacy in a heavily monitored living space, this smartwatch is the ultimate ally.”
Kevin Reynolds, 31, San Diego, California
“I’ve been using the iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch for a few weeks now, and it’s been a remarkable addition to my daily office routine. Working in an environment with extensive CCTV surveillance, I’ve always been conscious about my privacy. This smartwatch has given me a newfound sense of security. Its advanced AI technology effectively disrupts tracking signals, ensuring that my movements aren’t constantly monitored. I feel more at ease moving around my workplace, knowing that my privacy is protected. Its sleek design is just the cherry on top – stylish yet functional. For anyone concerned about being watched a little too closely at work, this smartwatch is a must-have.”
Suzanne Ferguson, 34, Boston, Massachusetts

Presenting the iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch. This device is based on a recent exploit that leverages the fact that when exposed to ultrasonic noise, commodity microphones will leak the noise into the audible range. Our device exploits a synergy between ultrasonic jamming and the naturally occurring movements that users induce on their wearable devices (e.g., bracelets) as they gesture or walk. This is the solution if you are tired of constantly being tracked and your location being exposed without your consent.

How does it work?

Signal Blocking Technology: Equipped with advanced technology, the iRosesilk™ Anti-tracking smartwatch actively disrupts and blocks GPS signals. By emitting signals within its designated range, it effectively prevents any attempts to track your location through GPS.

📡 Anonymity Within the Radius: Within a specified working range of 6 meters, this device creates a protective bubble around you. It ensures that any GPS tracking attempts within this radius are effectively thwarted, providing you with complete anonymity.


🔵 Powered by AI Chipset

This revolutionary safeguard smartwatch is built with an advanced AI chipset at its core. In an era where intelligent solutions are paramount, our device takes the lead, integrating artificial intelligence to fortify your personal security like never before.

🔵  Signal Blocking Technology

It prevents signals from being transmitted or received by electronic devices. Acts as signal jammers that work by creating a “radio silence bubble” in a given area, blocking all communication between cell towers and mobile phones .

🔵  Stalking Prevention

Our smartwatch ensures that you stay off the grid whenever you desire, avoids stalking by detecting and disintegrating existing tracking signals, offering you peace of mind in an era of constant connectivity.

🔵  Dynamic Adaptability

This smartwatch is very flexible in adjusting to new technology development through its AI capabilities which easily adjusts to new tracking methods, making it ahead of the game from supposed identity exposure.

🔵  Personal Security Protection

Whether you’re navigating bustling city streets, attending public events, or simply going about your daily routine, our smartwatch offers a protective shield, empowering you to control who has access to your location.

🔵  Sleek Design

Stylish and sleek, the design of this smartwatch simply allows you to maximize its features while complimenting your physical appearance through matching every outfit you have for your daily life.

🔵  User-friendly Interface

This smartwatch is easy to use and navigate. Makes the user’s experience as seamless as possible; ideally, they should be able to achieve their desired task without any difficulty and in the least amount of time possible.

🔵  Comfortable Fit

Well-designed appearance, this smartwatch is very comfortable to wear all day everyday.


  • Total Length: 235mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Main Unit Size: 4.1cm * 1.2cm * 1.9cm(Length x Height x Width)
  • Bracelet material: ABS, main body cover PC, strap TPU
  • Battery capacity: 80mah
  • Battery type: lithium polymer battery
  • Display screen: 0.96 HD IPS color screen FTF process, single point touch button: 4.0
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Pink

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch

Demoio™ Anti-Tracking-X AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch
iRosesilk™ Anti-Tracking-X AI Chips Signal Jamming Smartwatch
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