IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum


Collaboration with Experts: IvoryAm™ Tooth Whitening Serum’s Creation

Tartar: How It Develops and Harms Teeth

Tartar forms as plaque, a soft film of bacteria, builds up on teeth from eating sugary foods and not brushing properly.

Over time, minerals in saliva harden the plaque into tartar, which sticks to teeth and irritates gums, leading to dental problems like cavities and gum disease.

IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum

How Does IvoryAm™ Serum Work?

IvoryAm™ serum effectively addresses teeth problems by harnessing specific enzymes and mild acids to disintegrate the tartar matrix, achieving an impressive reduction of up to 95% in tartar buildup.

Furthermore, the inclusion of xylitol inhibits over 98% of bacterial growth, promoting a healthier oral microbiota and substantially curbing the development of new tartar.

What Makes IvoryAm™ the Top Choice?

95% Tartar Reduction

IvoryAm™ serum’s enzymes and mild acids effectively dissolve tartar, leading to a remarkable reduction of up to 95% in tartar buildup compared to traditional methods.

98% Bacterial Growth Inhibition

With xylitol, IvoryAm™ serum inhibits over 98% of bacterial growth, fostering a healthier oral microbiota and significantly reducing tartar formation.

Whitening by 3 Shades

The serum’s unique blend gently lifts surface stains, achieving an average tooth whitening of up to 3 shades, resulting in a visibly brighter smile.

Long-lasting Freshness

IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum

Peppermint extract imparts lasting freshness by curbing oral bacteria, giving you a confident feeling that lasts throughout the day.

Multi-layered Protection

IvoryAm™ serum’s gallnut extract adds multi-layered protection by acting as an astringent, minimizing inflammation, and contributing to overall gum health.

Sensitivity Reduction

By targeting tartar buildup and surface stains, IvoryAm™ serum helps reduce tooth sensitivity, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable eating and drinking experience.

Convenient Application

IvoryAm™ serum’s ampoule design allows for precise and hassle-free application, ensuring even distribution across teeth for consistent results.

Visible Results in Weeks

IvoryAm™ serum’s unique blend delivers visible improvements in tartar reduction and tooth whitening within a few weeks of consistent use, giving you a reason to smile.

Recommended by the Dentist

IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum

– Dr. Dagfinn Sigurdsson, DDS, Dental Care Clinic, Oslo, Norway

“As a professional dentist, I am thoroughly impressed with the IvoryAm™ tooth whitening serum. Over a span of 4 weeks, I observed a remarkable 70% reduction in tartar buildup among my patients, coupled with an average tooth whitening enhancement of 3 shades. This serum’s meticulous blend not only ensures effective tartar removal but also promotes enamel health.

Product Specification

IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum

  • Package Includes:  x IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum
  • Net Content: 5ml*10pcs
  • Key Ingredients: Baking Soda, Enzyme, Xylitol, Peppermint Extract, Gallnut
  • Suitable for: Stubborn tartar, stained teeth, improved oral hygiene, fresher breath

IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum

IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum
IvoryAm™ Tartar Removal & Tooth Whitening Serum
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