KISSHI™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming Capsule


KISSHI™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming Capsule

Customer Reviews

“Under the pressure of work and life, staying up all night became a daily routine for me, and my weight kept increasing steadily. I’m about to weigh 330 pounds,everyone laughed at me and compared me to a pregnant woman in the seventh month. It made me very unhappy. But a few months ago, a friend recommended KISSHI™ Capsule to me, a weight loss method that works deep within the body. Within just two weeks, my weight drastically changed. Now I have a hot figure, which is simply amazing!”

  • Anna Mueller, Berlin⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My name is Nicole Fischer, from Munich, and I have been struggling with my weight. I used to weigh 310 pounds and I feel ashamed to wear a swimsuit, often hiding my body in oversized clothes. I thought my body was not perfect enough, and I wanted to date, but my insecurities about my body prevented me from approaching guys. I was looking for a product that could improve my body condition until I found these capsules that could quickly take effect. I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t easy at first, but as time went on, I began to see changes. Eventually, my weight down to 121 pounds and gained confidence. Embracing my new lifestyle, now I can proudly show off my figure while feeling confident and empowered.

  • Nicole Fischer, Munich⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Revolutionize your health with this incredible capsule

Toxins (body waste) are destroying your body!

Due to the unique structure of the female body, menstrual wastes cannot be completely eliminated from the body, which can lead to the accumulation of uterine toxins. This, in turn, can cause changes in the body’s hormones and result in unusual symptoms such as obesity, vaginal odor, itching, dryness, looseness, dark yellow labia, and abnormal discharge. In more severe cases, this can also affect normal sexual life and cause pain during intercourse.

How does the KISSHI™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming capsule work?

The main components of the capsule shell are gelatin, vegetable cellulose, and their derivatives. Once inside the body, they dissolve slowly. As the capsule dissolves, the medication flows out and is absorbed by the body. The main ingredient, green tea extract, has anti-inflammatory properties and regulates the body’s hormone balance to achieve repair and cleansing of the uterus and vagina, as well as weight reduction.

With regular use, it can help eliminate body waste and contribute to a healthy, firm, and youthful-looking vagina.

Professional research team

The KISSHI™ research team developed the product in collaboration with the Laboratory for Health Research at the University of Munich. It has obtained approval from the Federal Office for Food and Drug (BfArM) as well as several international medical certifications and awards. The development of KISSHI™ has also been supported by a number of leading doctors in Germany and the USA.

(Research Laboratory, University of Munich)

(The directors of the KISSHI™ research team)

 What KISSHI™Anti-Itch Detox Slimming Capsule can do for you?

✅Lose weight and achieve a beautiful slim body.
✅Tighten and firm the vagina, improving the quality of your sex life.
✅Detoxify the body and achieve better skin.
✅Reduce and prevent gynecological diseases.
✅Alleviate the concerns of menopause.
✅Improve the quality of sleep.

 100% natürliche Inhaltsstoffe, Gesundheit und Sicherheit

Healthy, safe, and effective is our relentless pursuit. The KISSHI™ weight loss capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free from medications, ensuring they are harmless to the body.

Wild Yam: The wild yam root is known for its rich estrogenic properties and is commonly used to tighten the vagina as well as treat various gynecological conditions such as menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, and ovarian cysts.

Artemisia argyi: Mugwort contains bitter compounds like sesquiterpene lactones and has important detoxification and cleansing functions.

Green Tea: The catechins found in green tea promote the metabolism of body fat and its burning. KISSHI™ has specifically added a concentration of 30% catechins, increasing the rate of fat burning by more than five times.

 Even more customers are sharing their success with KISSHI™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming capsules!

“I have been plagued by coldness in the palace for a long time. Each time I have my period, I experience swelling in my lower abdomen along with menstrual pain and blood clots. My doctor recommended these capsules for me to insert into the vagina outside of my period. After just one month, I felt incredibly relaxed, had no more menstrual pain, and my stomach became much flatter. Even my weight has decreased. It is an amazing product that I highly recommend.”-Sabine Becker, Hamburg

“I am a soccer mom, and I love my three children. But since raising my children, my weight has become unmanageable, and it has really affected my vagina and my sex life. My vagina feels loose, not only flaccid but also with a strange smell. My husband always works late at night and has lost interest in me altogether. My neighbor recommended these capsules, and they have truly helped me a lot. My outer vagina used to be saggy, dry, and flaky, but now it is much tighter, and the unpleasant odor is completely gone. Additionally, I’ve lost a lot of weight since using the capsules. I will continue to use them and look forward to seeing more changes in the coming weeks.”- Anja Huber,Thuringia”

 Guide for Use

Product specifications

  • KISSHI™ Natural Repair Vaginal Capsules (1 Pack)
  • Origin: United States
  • 1 pack with 7 pieces, once a day, 7 times a week (one treatment course)
  • It is recommended to use it after cleansing
  • We support global delivery.

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KISSHI™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming Capsule
KISSHI™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming Capsule
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