KISSHI™ Hip Plump Capric Oil


KISSHI™ Hip Plump Capric Oil

I really love the Hip Plump Capric Oil! The herbal scent is light and pleasant. I noticed the skin on my hip and butt is soft and moisturized when using this oil. But the main reason I will repurchase this is because I see a major difference in firmness and overall roundness when using, and exercise just makes it that much more effective.

Libby Rogers, AU

The Hip Plump Capric Oil is just incredible. Like everything else, it takes time and patience. I had a flat butt that didn’t look good in any tight clothing, and this gave me the jiggle I wanted in just a few weeks of use. It took me 3 months to achieve that amazingly curvy hips. You should definitely give this oil a try!

Coconut oil-derived capric acid acts as a major growth booster by helping improve your cell’s lipid-retention ability and stimulate phytoestrogen production. It penetrates into the deep tissues of your buttocks to accelerate the production of fat cells as well as tighten the muscle, making your booty firmer, perkier, and bigger.

The hormone-free, oil-based formula is also packed with organic grapeseed oil that firms the saggy skin on the butt and around the hip, providing a lifting effect and improving the plumpness and smoothness of the skin. Increased skin elasticity diminishes the appearance of cellulite and lifts the saggy, flabby skin that is making your buttocks appear flat or flaccid.

Additionally, grapeseed oil delivers a skin lightening effect to even out the discolored spots and make the skin around your hip look radiant and even toned, while menthol stimulates growth and leaves a refreshing and soothing sensation on the skin when applying.

Continued use of the Hip Plump Capric Oil lets you achieve peachy, silky-smooth, well-defined buttocks that will give you a confidence boost!


· Restores the elasticity of the hip muscles, making your hips look more attractiv

· Lifts saggy, flat, and flaccid buttocks by firming the skin around the area

· Capric Acid Oil Formula for deep product penetration that nourishes the muscles and boosts gluteal growth

Boosts the production of fatty tissues to give you a firm and plump butt

Brightens dark spots, blemishes, and butt acne

Reduces the appearance of cellulite



I wanted to get a fuller butt without having to gain weight or undergo a procedure. So, I bought the KISSHI™ Hip Plump Capric Oil to go along with my lower body exercises and hopefully achieve a curvier and rounder buttocks.

After a bath, I took a small amount of the oil and started applying it to the hip and butt area, and massaged it until fully absorbed. I felt a slight warmth and tingling sensation, but nothing major. It actually felt relaxing. And after a week of continued application, this stuff has smoothen out and firm the skin on my butt. No significant changes yet on the size.

After a couple weeks, I noticed that my butt and hip looked more defined and toned. It definitely increased in size because I could barely fit into my jeans. Wow!

I’m amazed. The Hip Plump Capric Oil not just gave me a rounder, bigger buttocks but also diminished the cellulite in the thighs, hips, and buttocks area. The skin on those areas look more even toned and feel firm and elastic. I love it! I will definitely recommend this to my friends who have been asking if I got anything done with my bottom. Thanks!

Product Specifications:

· Net weight: 50ml

· Shelf life: 2 years

· Core Ingredients: Capric Acid, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Menthol

· Effect: In 3-4 weeks, there will be noticeable changes. If you’re experimenting, you can opt for the 4-bottle package. If you want more pronounced results, you can choose to upgrade to the 6 or 10-bottle package.

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KISSHI™ Hip Plump Capric Oil
KISSHI™ Hip Plump Capric Oil
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