LED Guitar Stand

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LED Guitar Stand

🎸 Light up your guitar in style!🎸 

πŸ’‘ Our LED-equipped hanger features a sturdy steel cradle and offers five vibrant color options for a secure and sleek wall display.🎸

🎸 Solid and Protective Construction: This guitar hanger boasts a sturdy steel headstock cradle with a protective foam coating for enhanced comfort and safety, along with a durable plastic body capable of securely holding up to 35 pounds.

πŸ”† Long-lasting LED Functionality: Controlled by an on/off/color-changing button, the LEDs provide over 200 hours of illumination with AA batteries, ensuring your guitar remains lit for more than a year under normal use.

πŸ”§ Sleek Installation with Back Plate: Installed with a back plate, this LED guitar mount offers a clean, hardware-free appearance on your wall. It supports five color options (Red, Blue, White, Green, or RGB), optimizing battery life and ensuring reliable performance.

πŸ”’ Secure Angled Cradle Design: Featuring an angled cradle, this guitar hanger securely holds your instrument and requires a slight lift for removal, maximizing security and stability.

🌈 Versatile Color Display Options: Select from Red, Blue, White, Green, or RGB with the touch of a button on the light-up guitar wall mount, extending battery life and providing consistent illumination.

LED Guitar Stand

Product information

Color: Guitar Multicolor

Special Feature: Adjustable Easy Install

dimensions: 6.5 x 4.48 x 2.98 inches

LED Guitar Stand
LED Guitar Stand
Original price was: $24.15.Current price is: $9.66. Select options