Led Wind Energy Car Lights


Led Wind Energy Car Lights

Decoration & Function:The 8-blade turbines’ shape design increases the light’s modern feel and the dazzling light effect adds a unique visual appeal to your car. Additionally, the car light selects 8 high-brightness LED lights, effectively enhancing vehicle visibility and ensuring safe driving.

Green Energy:The LED car light’s power is provided by natural wind, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, ensuring longevity. When the car speed reaches 40 yards, the air flow drives the wind blades to generate electric energy, making the light glow. The faster the speed, the brighter the light.

Premium Material:The product adopts high-quality plastic material with excellent resistance to weathering and aging, which can maintain its appearance and functionality over time. Additionally, the plastic is waterproof and non-conductive, making the product can also be used on rainy days without the worry of malfunction.

Easy Installation:The installation requires no wiring and adopts self-adhesive mode. First, the front central net should be cleaned and dried. Then, peel off the backing film on the bracket, stick it to the central net and press for a while. Finally, the bracket is 180 degrees adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your needs.

Wide Application:This LED wind energy car light adopts integrated design, which is compact and doesn’t take up much space. You can install it outside your car, where you need to make sure there will be enough wind during driving. It is suitable for most vehicles, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bikes and so on.

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Led Wind Energy Car Lights
Led Wind Energy Car Lights
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