Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold


Give your favorite spiked punch the perfect chilling that it needs with this light bulb ice ball maker mold!

Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold

This ice mold features a light bulb design that creates the perfect and consistent, crystal clear sphere shaped ice after freezing. Making your special liquor instantly chilled and spruced up unlike with the traditional ice cubes. Moreover, it offers a long-lasting, evenly distributed coolness without diluting and ruining the flavor and spirit of your favorite drink. Suitable for chilling up your whiskey, cocktails, wine, booze, rum, beers, coffees, lemonades, teas, matchas, and more possibilities. You can now freely refill your glass without needing to constantly change ice anymore or remove diluted liquid.

The ice ball mold is equipped with a leak-proof water nozzle which enables you to steadily and quickly fill in liquids. It has a superior sealing that locks in the water from seeping out and keeps air and freezer smell from entering as it chills. This ice ball maker comes with 2 separable semi-circle parts so you can easily demold ice on its tip top shape anytime. What’s more? You can also DIY flavorsome ice by injecting up juices or adding up some fruits, dried leaves, flowers, and such. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that can withstand daily freezing without damaging or leaching.

Sip the perfect blend of coolness and boozy drink using this light bulb ice ball maker mold!


  • Light Bulb Ice Mold
    A perfectly-sized, light bulb designed mold that successfully creates a flawless spherical ice after chilling in the freezer. Allowing it to spruce up your favorite beverages and keeping them quickly cooled unlike with small ice cubes. It offers an excellent sealing to ensure that it chilled all throughout without air or freezer odor entering and infecting the ice. Providing you with the prettiest and most consistent crystal clear ice ball every time you want to unwind with a nice drink. Available in different candy-colored light bulb styles, including blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

  • Long-Lasting Chilling
    This ice ball maker performs the perfect ice that efficiently distributes the cold much evenly to your drink. It also supplies a slow melting quality which enables it to continuously refresh your beverage with long-lasting coldness. Preventing it from diluting and affecting the flavor of your cocktails to preserve their complex taste and spirit. You can even shake your drink or have multiple refills without the ice melting quickly so you won’t have to constantly change ice. Making it an ideal alternative to chill your refreshment than the regular ice cubes.

Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold

  • Innovative Design
    The ice sphere mold comes with a water filling nozzle that lets you easily, steadily, and quickly fill it with liquids. No need for funnel anymore or creating messy water spills and splashes everywhere through your countertops and floors. It also has a compact design and a sturdy base which allows it to freeze evenly and stay stably in place inside the freezer without taking up space. Additionally, this sphere mold is composed of two semi-circles that you can lock to create the perfect ice ball shape and open for a smooth demolding. Simply unfasten the two parts after freezing then gently push the silicone base to easily remove the ice on tip top shape. No worries as it is completely leak-proof so you can confidently fill it up without spills even when it gets knocked down.

  • Easy DIY Ice Spheres
    This light bulb shaped ice mold can be used for creating your own personalized drinks and extra flavorsome additions. You can inject it with water, juices, flavored drinks, colored drinks, and even put some fruits, dried leaves, flowers, and more possibilities. Suitable for chilling up your whiskey, cocktails, wine, booze, rum, beers, coffees, lemonades, teas, matchas, and such.

Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade silica gel and plastic materials that boasts an excellent durability and long-lasting performance. It is completely BPA free and is safe to use to come into direct contact with any food products. Moreover, this ice sphere mold is hygienic and can be easily cleaned by hand or be stashed in the dishwasher to prevent bacterial buildup. It can withstand daily exposure to extreme temperatures without cracking, deforming, or toxic leaching.


  • Material: Food-Grade Silicone, ABS
  • Color: Blue / Purple / Pink / Yellow

  • Size: 6.7cm x 6.7cm x 8cm (2.6″ x 2.6″ x 3.1″)


  • 1 x Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold

Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold
Light Bulb Ice Ball Maker Mold
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