LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray


LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

The LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray, designed to boost plant health and appearance, contains a special blend of nutrients like nitrogen and iron to enhance chlorophyll levels in leaves. This helps protect against heat stress and yellowing. Its unique formula adheres to leaves for quick, effective nutrient absorption and long-lasting effects. Suitable for all plant types, indoors and outdoors, across all seasons, it’s safe and free from harmful chemicals. With its simple one-spray application, it’s an ideal solution for plant enthusiasts, offering a new approach to plant care for healthier, more vibrant plants.

Instant Transformation

With LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray, witness an instant change in your plant’s appearance. The carefully designed formula works swiftly to turn yellow leaves into vibrant green, boosting not only the visual appeal but also signaling improved plant health. Say goodbye to the days of waiting for your garden to recover – LIMETOW™ delivers immediate results.

Enhanced Flowering Potential

It does more than just change the color of leaves. Our specialized formula extends its benefits to your plant’s flowers, promoting healthier re-growth. Experience more vibrant and robust blooms as the spray enhances the overall flowering potential of your plants. Enjoy a garden that not only boasts lush greenery but also showcases an array of blossoms, creating a visually stunning and flourishing outdoor space.

Nutrient-Rich Formula

LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

Packed with Nitrogen compounds, Iron, and micro-nutrients, this spray provides a balanced nutritional boost to your plants. The carefully selected nutrients not only enhance the chlorophyll content but also contribute to overall plant well-being. Experience faster growth, increased resilience, and a garden that thrives with vitality.

Adhesive Technology

LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

Unlike ordinary water that simply rolls off leaves, LIMETOW™ features a special composition that adheres to the leaves, ensuring optimal absorption of sprayed nutrients. This adhesive technology is the key to maximizing the benefits of the spray, resulting in a longer-lasting and more effective impact on your plants.

Versatility in Application

LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

Whether you have indoor or outdoor plants, LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray is suitable for all types. Its effectiveness extends throughout all seasons, providing consistent care for your green companions. This versatility ensures that no matter the plant or the weather, LIMETOW™ is your reliable solution for maintaining a lush and vibrant garden.

Clinically Tested and Botanist Approved

LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray isn’t just a promise – it’s a product backed by science. Clinically tested and approved by botanist experts, this spray is a reliable choice for plant enthusiasts who seek a solution with a proven track record. Trust in the expertise that stands behind LIMETOW™ for the well-being of your greenery.

Each component is selected for its specific role in promoting plant health and enhancing chlorophyll content. Here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients:

LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

Our unique formula is carefully crafted with components like Nitrogen Compounds for robust growth and chlorophyll synthesis, Iron to prevent leaf yellowing, and a blend of Micro-nutrients for plant resilience. It also includes Chlorophyllin to boost chlorophyll content, Adhesive Agents for better nutrient absorption, Botanical Extracts for an eco-friendly approach, and a Purified Water Base to ensure purity and effectiveness. Together, these ingredients promote plant health, vibrant green foliage, and a thriving garden.

Follow these easy steps to unleash the full potential of this revitalizing spray

  1. Shake the LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray bottle well before use to mix the ingredients.
  2. Spray plants early in the morning or late afternoon, keeping the bottle 6-12 inches from the foliage, to avoid leaf burn.
  3. Reapply every 2-4 weeks for optimal garden health and vitality.
  4. Watch your garden transform with healthier, greener leaves and enhanced flowering potential.

Package Includes: 1 x LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray

Net Weight: 100ml
Shelf Life: 3 Years

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LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray
LIMETOW™ Chlorophyll Spray
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