Limetow™ Colorful Hair Clay


Limetow™ Colorful Hair Clay

Nowadays, hair care and style play a very important role in people’s physical appearance and self-perception. Hair cosmetics is a very interesting evolving field, and the hair industry is constantly investing resources to find new components, molecules and hair procedures.

Product Feature:

You can, according to your mood and need, make a hairstyle that you admire at any time and place, it can make hairstyle persistent. The aroma is fresh and non-sticky. Especially for people who often like different hairstyles, instead of going to the barber’s every time, you can dye your own hair. Save money and time.

  • Instant Effect

Professional color hair clay for men women, gives all hair types the hold, control, and shine that it needs.  Enjoy every day to begin with a new hair style that is designed as you like at home instead of a salon. Whether you have short or long hair, you can use temporary hair dye to help you create the hairstyle you need.

  • Long Lasting

Strong All Day Hold. Limetow Colorful Hair Clay is the strongest hold styling clay that lasts all day while allowing you to restyle throughout the day. Natural finish without coming across too shiny or matte, a must-have in your arsenal as it’s incredibly versatile for all occasions.

  • Multicolor Options

You can choose any color for your hair at any time at home. You don’t need to spend money on hair salons or spend time waiting. You can have a beautiful hair color in a few minutes, perfect for any occasion. If you want to restore your original hair color, just use water to clean.

  • Easy to Use

This hairstyle wax is easy to color and wash, lasting and refreshing fragrance, no damaged hair, no stickiness. Easily wash out with water and shampoo. It can be easily washed, easy coloring,strong and no damage hair, no stickiness, make your hair glossy, unique and personality for a long time. Just in time for any kind of occasion.

May contain ingredients :

Made of natural extracts, no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly and all ingredients made from gentle coloring your hair, so it’s no harm to your skin and hair.

1. Bentonite has fantastic moisturizing properties, bentonite clay can draw out excess dirt and oil, leaving hair cleansed and refreshed.

2. Shea Butter replenishes moisture while strengthening the hair; leaving you with soft, hydrated, coils, and curls. Also adds volume and helps to repair damage and even prevent a dry scalp.

3. Henna coats hair and doesn’t mess up its composition, henna can make strands look and feel thicker.

How to Use:

To achieve a cool, carefree look whatever the length and thickness of your hair, follow these simple steps on how to use hair clay.

  1. Prep the Hair – Hair clay works best on dry hair. If hair has just been washed, towel dry to remove most of the moisture, allowing the clay to adhere to strands.
    Top tip: If blow drying, angle the hair dryer in the direction you want to style hair, and use a medium heat or cold setting to set hair in place. This means hair should already be partially styled before any product has even been applied.
  2. Take a Pea-Sized Amount of Hair Clay Start with a small amount of hair clay. If you have longer or thicker hair, you may need more, but it’s best to start with less and build up later.
  3. Warm the Clay Up Work the clay between your fingers for around 10 seconds to loosen and warm it up before applying to the hair. This allows for an easy application and avoids any clumps of clay sticking to your hair.
  4. Work the Product Through Your Hair When the clay is warm and malleable, begin styling. Work the hair clay through the roots and up to the tips, starting at the back then moving forward.
    Top Tip: Starting at the roots creates volume and you’ll avoid getting crispy tips.
  5. Fix and Finish When you’re happy with the shape and style of your hair, comb the product through to achieve a truly natural-looking, effortless style. The beauty of hair clay is that it can be restyled and reworked throughout the day.

Package Included:

1 X Limetow™ Colorful Hair Clay (100ml)

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Limetow™ Colorful Hair Clay
Limetow™ Colorful Hair Clay
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