Luminescent sticky ball


Luminescent sticky ball

⏰Famous on TikTok!⏰ Globbles has been a sensation on this platform and other social networks for months, everyone has their own. Buy yours before they run out!

💎Premium Quality!💎 Our globes are made with the best TPA high-quality materials, so they have great tear resistance, no matter how much you play with them. The material is absolutely safe for health.

If you have any problems we will refund 100% of your money without asking questions.

♻️Repeated Shelf Life!♻️ The product has a long shelf life. This glow-in-the-dark ball is very sticky and can stick to the ceiling or wall. When you find the adhesion is insufficient, you can restore it by washing with water and it will be as new.

🌞Glow in the Dark!🌞 This sticky ball can absorb light and then emit a beautiful light in the dark.

🎀!Ideal Gift!🎀 The globes are perfect as a gift for your children, friends, family, or yourself. It can greatly relieve your anxiety and stress, as well as being recommended for people with autism and anxiety.

Luminescent sticky ball

Product description

★ Globes 4 Pack Originals 2022 ★

✔ The famous pack of 4 Globbles that glow in the dark has arrived. Have fun playing throwing the balls on the ceilings or other surfaces where they will stick thanks to their great adhesion.

✔ These globes have a great feel to the touch as their high-quality material is really soft and influences to relax and reduce stress.

✔ To make the ball sticky again, just wash and dry it, it will be like new again!

Luminescent sticky ball
Luminescent sticky ball
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