Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick


Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick

Be more confident and safer with the Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick. A portable protective stick that can be worn for its minimalist aesthetic or used to repel aggressors. It has a premium feel and is suitable for daily carrying. Powerful knockback voltage gives you more peace of mind. No need for additional weapons, just hit the voltage head of the protective rod directly towards the enemy, using its powerful ability to cause pain to the enemy and deter the attacker. A simple but effective idea is to keep a few items with you that are easy to wear and use immediately when a situation arises. Fashionable appearance and strong camouflage. Small, portable, yet powerful and effective.

Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick

Key Features…

A must-have self-defense power tool – This Guard Stick packs a more powerful punch than most larger stun guns. It can unleash up to 50.000.000 volts of electricity. Touching an assailant for less than 1 second will cause muscle contractions and have a repelling effect. You can wear several of these Guard Sticks for more layers of security. Perfect way to add an extra layer of protection to your life without sacrificing style.

Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick

Simplicity meets efficiency – This Guard Stick can be easily switched on with just one button when the need arises. Making you always feel ready to protect yourself from any dangers that comes your way without any complications. This accessory is the simplest and most effective solution to keep attackers off your sleeves.

Unique power generation end design – The protective rod is made of aluminum alloy and has the characteristics of one-way precise discharge. The advanced design and ferocious voltage make it a powerful self-defense tool. These protective rods have a unique discharge end, and the powerful current can penetrate the glass, making it impossible for enemies to attack. Can be used to protect yourself in emergency situations. Its design is sleek yet discreet. Therefore, it can be worn at any time without drawing attention to itself.

Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick

SMALL AND COMPACT – Perfect for outdoor exercise or those who walk to and from their car. If you are looking for a self defense stick that is small and compact. Consider the Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Rod. The guard rod is durable and lightweight. Making it easy to use quickly, it provides non-stop, instant protection. You can easily carry it in your wallet. necklace. Or keychain.

Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick

Easy to hide – well made and different from ordinary stun bats. It provides seamless concealment without compromising strength. Despite its compact size. It packs a powerful punch. Provides more power than traditional stun guns. Its sleek design ensures it’s easier to confuse enemies. You can even knock down enemies if they’re prepared.

Rechargeable Shock Guard – It has a built-in charging plug and comes with a high-quality internal battery that is fully rechargeable. The battery lasts 30-45 days on a full charge unless you use it. The battery life is up to 5 years, so you don’t need to keep buying any expensive batteries.

Waterproof – These Guard Sticks are finely crafted and of high quality making it durable and can withstand harmful conditions like water splash and dirt. Clearly a must-have for everyone who takes high regard of their safety and fashion at the same time.

With the  Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick. you hold the power to safeguard yourself. ensuring safety in all circumstances. Don’t leave your protection to chance – invest in the ultimate self-defense companion today. Experience the difference that cutting-edge technology and discreet design can make in your personal safety.

Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick


  • Material: Alloy
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Products Weight: 1.8 oz.

Package Inclusion: 1 x Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick

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Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50000000 Volt Portable Guard Stick
Lyseemin™ PROMAX 50,000,000 Volt Portable Guard Stick
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