MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch


MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

Damon Tweedy, MD. An authority in the field of physiology, shares his expertise on the benefits of Cabinda Bark:

“According to research, Carbinda Bark has shown significant efficacy in treating male sexual dysfunction and has been approved by the US FDA. It functions as an alpha-adrenergic receptor blocker, selectively blocking the presynaptic alpha-2 adrenergic receptors at the neural synapses. This leads to vasodilation of smooth muscles, increased parasympathetic nervous system activity, and decreased sympathetic nervous system activity. As a result, the arteries of the penis expand, increasing blood flow to the penile sinusoids and facilitating a firm erection. Additionally, the alkaloids present in Carbinda Bark have beneficial effects on erectile function through central mechanisms. They increase central release of alpha-2 adrenergic inhibitors, excite cells in the brain’s locus coeruleus, and enhance the production of free 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol in the plasma. These actions stimulate the central sensory nerves and consequently increase sexual desire.”

Cabinda Bark is believed to have certain benefits in improving prostate symptoms, especially related to issues like frequent urination and urgency. It is considered a natural aphrodisiac and may help alleviate these symptoms by promoting blood circulation and enhancing prostate function. And Targets the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, stimulating the release of self-produced hormones and improving male performance.

Experience the transformative benefits of Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

✅ Enhanced male physiological functions
✅ Improved sexual performance
✅ Boosted self-produced hormone release
✅ Replenishing energy. Increased stamina and vitality
✅ The active ingredient is 100% natural
✅ Paste the plaster directly on the acupoints of the kidney gate.the ointment will not overflow, and there will be no residue on the skin. Theplaster does not come off and does not stain clothes. It is safe and hypoallergenic
MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch is a natural supplement. A safe and effective option to address male performance concerns.

Just apply the patch, safeguarding your kidneys, and feeling full of vitality.

About our raw materials

We have a team stationed in the Cabinda region of Angola for the manual collection of Cabinda bark. We strictly follow a three-step selection process to choose mature and old Cabinda trees, ensuring the screening of high-quality bark for natural drying. The selected bark is then transported to our factory located in the United States for processing, manufacturing, and sealed packaging.


MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

Mature old carbinda trees

Sun-dried naturally

MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

Three selection criteria, only keep high-quality raw materials

Processing, manufacturing, and packaging

Usage Instructions

MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

1. Clean the skin and dry it
2. Remove the protective packaging sticker
3. Stick it on the position of the kidney (3-8 hours optional)


  • Shelf Like: 3 Years
  • Net Weight: 1 Box (12g, 10 patches)
  • Package Includes: 1 x MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch

MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch
MH™ Cabinda Bark Enhancement Patch
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