Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper


Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper


Sculpt your way to the top, Shape your future, shape your life!

Surely everyone wants a thin and healthy body! Being healthy means living a long and happy life. However, a large portion of the population have difficulties with weight loss and the journey to drop the pounds can become a source of mental fatigue. No need to stress about weight loss because the Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper can help your detox, shed weight, improve metabolism, and kick start a calorie deficit lifestyle while keeping enough calories in your body for your system to work!

I’ve always been a little bit self-conscious about my tummy, after 3 pregnancies my tummy shape is never the same anymore and my breasts were already saggy from breastfeeding as well. Mom roles are a bit tough for a woman’ body. Even though I’m concerned with my body shape, I was always too lazy to go for a run or try to eat healthier.Until I found this Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper, it’s not just a bodysuit—it’s something you wear every single day, and it makes become in shape eventually. It helps me feel confident and sexy, even when I’m just lounging around the house or hanging out with my friends.

Debra Cunningham, 42, Vallejo, California
Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper


I’ve always thought that the secret and core to weight loss was portion control and physical movement but I didn’t think something as mundane as shapers would do the trick. These shapers are very comfortable and feel just like normal panties. However, within less than a week, I noticed that I didn’t feel hungry and I ate half of my usual portions. I also drank more water and tea . In short, I was in a full-blown calorie deficit. I got used to it and eventually, my weight dropped!

Valerie Morris, 38, Brooklyn, New York

What causes muffin top?

Muffin top is a lighthearted term people use to describe excess fat around the waistline and upper tummy. Much like a muffin expands beyond its paper wrapper when you bake it, a muffin top spreads up and over a beltline–and most people don’t like it!

Beyond aesthetics, muffin tops are a risk from a health standpoint. If you can pinch more than an inch of fat around the waist, you’re at higher risk of pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. So, it’s important to lower your risk of these common, life-shortening health problems by addressing what’s causing that unwanted roll of waist fat.

Let’s look at 6 possible reasons you’re accumulating more fat around your waist:

  • Aging
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Chronic Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Eating the Wrong Foods
  • Lack of Active Movements
  • Health Problems


The Impact Of IONs On Weight Loss

Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

Ion therapy removes toxins that affect the body on a cellular level. We are exposed to toxins in our environment, in our foods and through the air we breathe. They are everywhere. Unless you try to live in a bubble, you will have some type of exposure. Ion therapy works to draw out all types of toxins including pesticides, food additives, preservatives, colorings and harsh chemicals that we are exposed to without even knowing about it. Removing these toxins frees up space in the bloodstream for the vital nutrients our cells and tissues need to function. The more nutrients that are supplied, the more efficient the body works and the easier it is to burn calories and lose weight.

According to our research specialist Dr. Melanie Campbell of the Obesity and Medical Weight Loss Center, Cleveland “Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper contains IONs which play a crucial role in enhancing blood flow and circulation within the body which eliminates fluid retention. They facilitate the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to all organs, enabling them to operate optimally. Our body sculptor contributes to improved digestive function, faster metabolism which leads to a more efficient breakdown of calories and faster conversion into usable energy for physical activities such as exercise. It is also efficient in flattening fat cell distribution which binds proteins in muscle fibers. As a result, the rate of weight loss is further accelerated.”

How does the Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper work?

Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

The Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper is crafted with a comfortable Graphene Fiber that emits IONs, promoting weight loss across the body. It also features body-forming properties that help you effortlessly achieve your desired body shape with minimal effort. It releases natural energy through the thermal circulation to assist regulate blood circulation throughout the body and detoxify the uterus. It cleanses the entire body’s lymphatic system, aids in the treatment of numerous gynecological disorders, reduces body fat, tightens the genitals, and lifts your behind.

Graphene Fiber Enhanced Fabric

The material acts as a filter between your skin and the environment, expelling heat in warmer weather and preserving and evenly distributing body heat in colder climates. Graphene enhanced fabrics have the potential to reinforce the natural way in which we adjust our body temperature, all while remaining breathable and comfortable. Graphene has been shown to trigger neurons and assist in lymphatic drainage. It can also help with weight loss by enhancing lipid metabolism and promoting calorie burning.

Eliminates Body Fat by Boosting Metabolism and Improving circulation

Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

The high waist design of these briefs targets the abdomen area, which is often a problem area for many women. The graphene honeycomb material compresses and shapes the waistline, helping to eliminate stubborn fat cells and create a slimmer, more toned appearance. Harnessing the combined power of IONs emitted by the Graphene Fiber and the Seamless One-Piece Compression design, our shaper facilitates weight loss, fat burning, and hip shaping. The concentrated ION concentration around the waist specifically targets belly fat, while the compression fit of our shaper aids in shaping and sculpting your body.

Reshape Body Curves

Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

Everyone wants to flaunt that hourglass figure and with that figure comes a better posture. These shapers create compression that tightens around the areas of your body which automatically provides a better posture and reshapes body curves accordingly. You will then look and feel more attractive than before which will make you even more confident.

Flattening Fat Cells Distribution

Variations in fat cell distribution during normal growth and in response to alterations in nutritional or hormonal status are driven by intrinsic differences in cells found in each adipose depot. Adipose progenitor cells and preadipocytes in different anatomical adipose tissues derive from cell lineages that determine their capacity for proliferation and differentiation. These Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper definitely disintegrates fat cells and distributes it fairly to eliminate those bumps and excess flabs in the body.

Stimulate Muscle Growth

Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

Those who wear Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper and even those who don’t have all wondered this at one point or another. We’ve established that shapewear works-it slims, smoothes out lines and what-not, and even supports. Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper is engineered to funnel excess weight to help you appear to be more slim; it can slim you up to 1 to 2 inches. The excess flab is condensed, the same way as when you push your hands on your belly to push in the fat. It also provides compression which effectively helps stimulate muscle development.

Anti-Bacterial Properties Keep Your Intimate Areas Clean

Incorporating anti-bacterial characteristics, our shaper effectively safeguards against the intrusion and colonization of bacteria in your private regions. By preventing bacterial accumulation, it actively combats infections and promotes optimal hygiene in your intimate areas.

What makes the Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper be your great choice?

  • Concentration of IONs targets belly fat for effective reduction.
  • Comfortable Unique Fiber radiates IONs for improved circulation and energy.
  • Infused with IONs for weight loss benefits all over the body.
  • Seamless One-Piece Compression design for a sleek and sculpted look.
  • Body-forming properties help achieve the desired body shape effortlessly.
  • Anti-bacterial features maintain cleanliness and prevent infections in intimate areas.


Here are some more of our happy and satisfied customers:

I LOVE these!! Super comfortable especially during postpartum recovery. They give the perfect amount of support to your tummy. They also add nice slimming capabilities without feeling restricted. If you have a little one on the way, or even bad bloating, you won’t regret these!

Katherine Ferguson, 35, Pensacola, Florida
Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

I absolutely love how comfortable and sexy the Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper is! I wear it every day, and not only do I feel confident, but my husband can’t get enough of it either. It gives my butt a lifted and fuller look, which is a fantastic bonus.

Margaux Wilcox, 32, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

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Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper

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Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper
Oveallgo™ IoniCurve Body Sculptor Shaper
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