Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat


Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat
Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat

Revolutionize your diabetes management with Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat!

The Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat is a cutting-edge device that combines the benefits of acupressure therapy with advanced EMS technology. This Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat operates by stimulating the acupoints on the feet that are linked to different organs of the body, leading to improved blood flow and regulated blood sugar levels.

The mat is designed with hundreds of small acupressure points that are strategically placed to target specific pressure points on your feet. When you stand on the mat, these points apply gentle pressure to this area. Two of the targeted body organs are the liver and pancreas. By applying pressure to these points, Oveallgo™ helps the body detoxify excess sugar and increase insulin production, leading to a more balanced sugar level in the bloodstream.

The Oveallgo™ mat also incorporates EMS technology, which uses low-level electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles in your feet. This can help improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in your cells, which can in turn help lower blood sugar levels. Clinical trial research was conducted with around 240 people using Oveallgo™ EMS Sugar Regulating Mat as subjects for a period of two weeks. After two weeks, 90% of the subject observed that the patients showed a significant drop in blood pressure and increased insulin production.

Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat has the following product:

How To Use

  1. Connect the controller to the mat and put it under the feet
  2. Press the switch to turn on the power
  3. Press “ON/INC” and “OFF/DEC” again to adjust the intensity, and each press increases the intensity by one step
  4. You can switch to each mode by pressing the “PROGRAM” button
  5. It has a built-in timer that will switch to standby mode after use for 30 minutes and when not in use, it will automatically turn off the power

Package Includes:

  • Oveallgo™ Sugar Control Therapeutic Mat x 1/2 sets

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