PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent


PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent

Electromagnetism & Ultrasonic Technology: Effectively kills the Bedbugs, pests, Ants, Cockroaches, Rats and Other Rodents etc.

PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent

The PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent employs a combination of Electromagnetism and Ultrasonic Technology to effectively keep pests at bay. It creates an environment that pests find uncomfortable, discouraging them from entering your living space.

Ultrasonic Technology: Ultrasonic waves, which are high-pitched sound waves beyond the range of human hearing but well within the hearing range of many pests, such as rodents and insects, are harnessed by the PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent. This device emits ultrasonic waves at frequencies that prove to be both irritating and disorienting to pests. This discomfort encourages pests to vacate the area in search of a more tranquil environment.

PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent

Electromagnetism technology works by emitting low-frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the designated area. These waves create an electromagnetic field that extends along the specified area, effectively covering it. Pests like rodents, which are sensitive to changes in electromagnetic fields, find this disturbance uncomfortable and will often seek to avoid areas where these waves are present. Essentially interrupts their usual behavior patterns, making the protected zone less attractive to them.

PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent


All-Round Protection (Effective Range up to 900 sqft): Provides coverage for an impressive area of up to 900 square meters. This wide coverage ensures that you and your companions are protected from pests in a substantial outdoor space, making it perfect for group activities or when you’re out in the wilderness. Such as indoors, outdoors, home, kitchen, warehouse, store, hotel, office, garden, patio, travelling, camping, fishing, mountain climbing and so on.


Portable & Creative Design : Operating the device is simple. Just power it on, and it begins emitting ultrasonic waves to create a pest-free zone around you. No need for messy repellent creams or sprays. Small size and light-weighted, with detachable hook, portable to carry anywhere, not taking up space. Making it convenient to carry in your backpack, pocket, or purse. Whether you’re on a nature hike, taking a leisurely walk, or embarking on a travel adventure, you can bring this device along without any hassle.

PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent

Silent Operation: Unlike traditional pest control methods that can be noisy or require frequent maintenance, this mini repellent operates silently. You won’t even notice it’s there, but you’ll certainly notice the absence of pests.

Human and Pet-Friendly: No harmful substances, Eco-Friendly and non-polluting for long-term use. PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent is 100%-safe and effective. The ultrasound wave will not have any influence to the daily life of human (also the kids, babies) and pets.

PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent

What makes the PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent be your top choice?

✔️Electromagnetic Technology & Ultrasonic Wave Emission

✔️Eco-Friendly Solution & Safe for all

✔️Premium Quality Materials

✔️ Indoors & Outdoors Applicable

✔️ Portable & Easy to Use


  • Brand: PestShield
  • Colour: White / Black
  • Style: Electric Trap
  • Target Species: Bedbugs, Fly, Mosquito, Gnat
  • Charging Method: USB charging (support fast charging)
  • Battery Capacity: 20000 mAh

Package Includes: 1 x PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent

PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent
PestShield Ultrasonix Mini Repellent
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