Pet MicroPrecision Trimmer

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Pet MicroPrecision Trimmer

LED Light for Clarity and Safety: This dog paw trimmer is designed with LED light, allowing you easily and quickly to see the skin of your pet. Helpful to trim their small areas of fur with clarity and safety. Also, avoid over-trimming and minimize harm to your furry friend.

Improve Trimming Efficiency: This dog clipper with 18mm widened stainless steel blade increase the shaving area and the efficiency of trimming in small areas. With this dog paw trimmer making it more flexible and precise trim your pet’s hair around their paws, ears, eyes, and buttocks.

Rounded Ceramic Blades: These blades are designed to prevent scratches or cuts, ensuring a gentle grooming experience for your pet.

LED Display: This dog paw trimmer is equipped with smart LED screen that clearly displays 3 key statuses: Running, Full Charge, and Charging Reminder. And the dog clipper is easy to use with one-button operation.

Low Noise Operation (35dB): Operates quietly to protect your pet from feeling anxious or fearful during grooming.

Cordless and 500mAh Rechargeable: This dog clipper features a lightweight cordless design that is portable. And the dog clipper equipped with 500mAh battery, no worries about replacing batteries anymore. Full charge needs 1.5 hours. In addition, it can use while charging.

Benefits of Trimming Paw Fur: 

Preventing Slipping: Long fur between the paw pads can reduce traction on smooth surfaces, making it easier for dogs to slip and slide. Trimming this fur can help improve their grip and stability.

Keeping Cool: While trimming fur under the paws isn’t the primary method for keeping a dog cool, it can help in maintaining hygiene and comfort. It can prevent mats and debris from accumulating, which can cause discomfort and trap heat.

Hygiene: Long fur between the paw pads can trap dirt, moisture, and debris, which can lead to irritation, infections, and other issues. Regular trimming helps maintain cleanliness and reduce the risk of these problems.

Comfort: Trimming the fur can also prevent mats and tangles that can be uncomfortable for the dog, especially if they walk on rough or uneven surfaces.

Pet MicroPrecision Trimmer


Name: Dog Clipper
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
Size: about 16×3cm
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Power: 5W
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Use time: 1.5 hours

Pet MicroPrecision Trimmer
Pet MicroPrecision Trimmer