Portable Pill Precise Fixed Positioning Cutting Machine


This pill cutter splitter has a large storage spacewhich could hold 20-30 pills.

Give it to every old person who needs it, easy pill removal.Fits all shapes of pills and capsules

Ideal for Medication, Vitamin, Supplement.

Pill divider can easily cut pills into 1/2, 1/4

This pill cutter adopts the top hidden blade design, stainless steel material, safety switch lock system, safe to use, to avoid accidental bumping and hurting people.

The adjustable pill dispenser is designed to be user friendly. 

The box body is made of ABS material, which is resistant to pressure and fall.

Easy To Clean

Press the top button when cleaning the blade and gently brush it off with a brush (brush included), high temperature disinfection is not recommended.

How To Use

Put the tablet in the middle position, rotate the outer ring to fix the position, close the lid and press.

The tablet cutter can easily cut into 1/2 or 1/4 perfectly.

When cutting some very large and hard pills, hold the side ring tightly otherwise some breakage and powder will appear.

便携式切丸器🎁买 2 个免运费


(1)Material: ABS/Stainless Steel
(2)Size: 5.8 x 8.2 cm
(3)Weight: 74g

📦Package Include:

Portable Pill Cutter * 1 PCS

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Portable Pill Precise Fixed Positioning Cutting Machine
Portable Pill Precise Fixed Positioning Cutting Machine
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