QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips


QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips provide effective solutions for gum repair, specifically targeting issues like gingivitis and gum recession. These innovative strips allow you to address gum problems in the comfort of your own home, without the need for expensive treatments or lengthy appointments.

QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips utilize advanced technology and a specialized formula designed to promote gum health and repair damaged gum tissue. The strips are coated with a soothing gel that adheres comfortably to your gums, allowing for targeted treatment. The gentle yet potent formula works to reduce inflammation, promote gum regeneration, and alleviate discomfort.

QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips

  • Targeted Treatment: GFOUK™ Gum Repair Strips are designed with advanced technology to provide targeted treatment for gum health. The strips are coated with a soothing gel that adheres comfortably to your gums. This allows the specialized formula to penetrate deep into the gum tissue, delivering its potent ingredients directly to the affected areas. By targeting the damaged gum tissue, the strips work to address issues such as gingivitis and gum recession more effectively.
  • Reduction of Inflammation: One of the primary objectives of GumZen™ Gum Repair Strips is to reduce inflammation in the gums. The specialized formula contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties that help calm and soothe the gum tissue. By reducing inflammation, the strips help alleviate discomfort associated with gum issues, such as soreness and sensitivity. This reduction in inflammation also promotes an environment conducive to gum regeneration and healing.
  • Promotion of Gum Regeneration: GumZen™ Gum Repair Strips go beyond addressing symptoms and focus on promoting gum regeneration. The potent formula contains ingredients that support the natural healing process of the gums. These ingredients help stimulate the growth of healthy gum tissue, aiding in the repair of damaged areas. By promoting gum regeneration, the strips contribute to overall gum health and help restore the gum’s natural structure and function.

QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips has the following product:


  1. Remove the strip from the packet and carefully peel the back lining.
  2. Apply the QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips to your gums, ensuring it adheres comfortably.
  3. Leave it on for the recommended time mentioned in the instructions.
  4. After removing the strip, gently rinse your mouth.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips X 1/2/4/10packs (14 stickers/pack)

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QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips
QIACI™ Gum Repair Strips
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