Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets



Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets

Too much sugar is bad for you, it could lead to increased levels of blood sugar levels which is lethal for people with diabetes. Sugar triggers endorphins that give us the delighted feeling we usually associate with eating candy or ice cream

However, what if I tell you that you can improve your health and state of mind with the power of Chrysocolla? Introducing the Diabetes ReliefChrysocolla Bracelet, the ultimate mind and body anti-diabetes bracelet for you!


Joshua was able to have his blood sugar levels minimized to normal levels with the Diabetes ReliefChrysocolla Bracelet!

Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets

-” I was surprised I was able to decrease my blood sugar levels back to normal after using the bracelet for around eight to nine hours every day! Now, I can eat more freely without worrying about my blood sugar levels.”

Barbara was able to feel more at ease with controlling her snacking on sweet food with the Diabetes ReliefChrysocolla Bracelet!

-” I was at ease and I found myself better resisting snacking on sweet food. Of course, I take a few teaspoons of cake, but I no longer eat 2 slices like before! I was surprised when my doctor said I was in the normal range of blood sugar levels. All I did was wear the bracelet the whole day!”

Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets


Chrysocolla is a beautiful dark green stone that helps detoxify the liver and intestines. It helps oxygenate the blood and regulate insulin, which is beneficial for people with diabetes.  It also improves muscle strength and helps soothe burns, and decreases blood pressure. 

In alternative medicine, Chrysocolla is believed to re-energize all chakras and encourage inner strength and regain balance. For people with diet-related problems, Chrysocolla also helps alleviate guilt, nervousness, and irritability, and transforms guilt into impartiality that leading to increased focus.


  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels- The Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelet lowers blood sugar levels, which is a lifesaver for people with diabetes.
  • Effective- People wearing the Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelet have five times lower blood sugar levels after eating compared to non-users.
  • Detoxifies Kidney and Pancreas- Help your kidney and pancreas detoxify, which helps and improves nutrient absorption.
  • Regulates Insulin- The Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelet regulates and reduces insulin levels especially after eating.
  • Boosts Immune System- Improve your overall health with the Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelet.
  • Gender Neutral- The Diabetes Relief Chrysocolla Bracelet boasts a gender-neutral design that can be worn by both men and women.

Ingredients: Chrysocolla Beads

Individual Bead Size: 8mm

Bracelet Circumference: 19cm

Applicable Audience: Unisex, men, women


1 x Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets


  • Wash your hands and wrists.
  • Thoroughly dry your wrists and wear the bracelets.
  • Wear it for a minimum of 9 hours.
  • Make sure to remove the bracelet from time to time to let your skin breathe.
  • Do not damage the bracelet by dropping or scraping it.
  • Do not overstretch the necklace to prevent breakage.
  • For external use only.

Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets
Relief Chrysocolla Bracelets
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