RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector


RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector
RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

Introducing the groundbreaking RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector, an innovative device that elevates your posture support to new heights. Featuring cutting-edge EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, it not only prompts you to maintain proper sitting or standing posture but also actively involves your muscles in the correction process. Experience the subtle vibrations and allow this intelligent gadget to steer you toward a healthier and more perfectly aligned posture.

RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

Now is the moment to ensure your posture remains outstanding, regardless of your attire!

Correct Poor Posture – Functional Patterns

“I got the RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector to support my aging back and combat my slouching habit. After just a month of use, I’ve experienced some pain relief. The instructions recommend starting with 20 minutes in the first week and gradually increasing by 5 or 10 minutes each week. It’s quite comfortable during the short periods I wear it. Overall, a fantastic product—I’d buy it again!” Linda Porter, 58, Charleston, South Carolina

RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

“The RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector is highly effective, aiding in muscle memory development and providing relief from hunched back pain. While it requires some adjustment due to its posture-correcting nature, wearing it for just an hour or two daily helps realign your posture. Among various braces I considered, this one lives up to its claims and is performing admirably.” Hank Brown, 32, Newark, New Jersey

Good posture crucial in maintaining spinal health - The Korea Times

What are the causes of bad posture?

Many individuals link their neck or back discomfort to poor posture, to some extent. Good posture represents a state of physical fitness wherein the body’s muscles provide stable and efficient support for the skeleton, whether at rest or in motion. Regrettably, several factors can hinder the maintenance of good posture. Poor posture can result from factors such as the continual effects of gravity on our bodies, injuries, illnesses, or genetic predispositions—elements that, for the most part, lie beyond our control.

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A combination of these factors is also quite common:

  • The continuous impact of gravity on our bodies in our daily lives.
  • An injury, particularly in the lower back, resulting in reduced mobility and discomfort.
  • An illness or a congenital neuromuscular condition influencing spinal and muscular growth.
  • Genetic factors that make individuals more susceptible to specific postural issues.
  • Underdeveloped muscles incapable of providing adequate body support.
  • Limited awareness regarding correct posture and ergonomics.
  • Pregnancy, altering the body’s center of gravity and exerting pressure on the spine.
  • Excessive or insufficient body weight, disrupting body balance and alignment.

How does EMS help correct posture?

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a beneficial exercise for improving upper back posture. During contractions, it stabilizes and relieves discomfort in the back muscles. By directing impulses to the muscle groups with incorrect posture, EMS activates the weak muscles responsible for poor posture. This effectively enhances posture with maximum strength and energy.

RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

Our RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector is the ultimate solution for long term Posture Restoration.

Through the use of Real-Time Posture Tracking Technology, it instructs your body to maintain an upright posture throughout the day by emitting pulsating vibrations as soon as it detects that your back is leaning beyond a specific angle.

According to Dr. Richard Humphreys from the Cedar-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles, the corrector’s goal is to condition your muscles to maintain the correct posture. The longer you utilize it, the more your posture will improve. Just as it took years to develop your current posture, it’s important to understand that you won’t see overnight results. Consistency is the crucial factor in enhancing your posture.

RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

What makes the RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector be your great choice?

  • Enhances posture for a more upright and self-assured stance.
  • Enhances posture and aids in overcoming slouching tendencies.
  • Can be comfortably worn over attire.
  • Relieves neck and back discomfort caused by extended computer use.
  • Real-Time Posture Tracking promptly notifies you of any slouching.
  • Offers a scientifically proven and efficient correction method.
  • Extended standby time for prolonged usage.
  • Good for kids and adults who needs to correct their posture

Posture Reminder: If the back is bent over 25 degrees, the EMS device with vibrate immediately to remind the user. 

RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector


  • 400 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Materials: PC+PP High Strength Nylon Tape

RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

Package Includes: 1 x RICPIND BodyAlign PostureSensing EMS Corrector

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