RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating


Say goodbye to winter worries with Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating – where snow and ice slide right off your vehicle.

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews and scientific proofs, what is it so special about this product that has people celebrating?

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

Revealed: The newest breakthrough in automotive care – Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating, your ultimate defense against snow and ice.

How does Nano-Biomorphological works?

Nano-Biomorphological technology works by creating a microscopic protective shield on surfaces. This shield is composed of interwoven inorganic-organic polymer networks with surface-modified nano-ice-repellent additives. When applied, it forms a thin, dry film, approximately 30 micrometers thick, on the treated surface.

This film exhibits outstanding properties, including preventing the adherence of snow and ice, resisting corrosion, enduring wear and aging, promoting self-cleaning, and enhancing hydrophobicity. The unique structure and composition of this technology provide a robust defense against winter elements, keeping surfaces ice-free and easy to maintain.

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

Main feature of Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

Utilizing IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) technology, this innovative approach combines organic and silicon-based inorganic polymers in a precise alternating structure. This enhances the coating’s mechanical properties, including adhesion and hardness, while maintaining a low surface energy. Special surface-active elements and nano-rare earth oxides are integrated, resulting in a coating with low surface energy, high corrosion resistance, strong substrate adhesion, reduced resistance, and wax prevention. These coatings, founded on organosilicon technology, deliver exceptional hydrophobic properties, ensuring outstanding water repellency on their surfaces.

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

Designed with Nano-Biomorphological

Our advanced car protection solution is a nano-biomorphological anti-ice and anti-snow agent. It’s made up of a unique blend of inorganic-organic polymers and powerful nano-ice-repellent additives. When applied, it forms a thin, protective film on your vehicle’s surface, offering room-temperature curing, resistance to snow and ice buildup, corrosion protection, durability, anti-aging properties, self-cleaning capabilities, and improved water repellency. This innovative solution keeps your car free from frozen snow and ice, making winter driving hassle-free.

  • Safe to Use
  • Effective Snow Removal

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

Check out our happy customer’s review  

“In the aftermath of a severe winter storm in Texas, my home was buried under thick layers of ice and snow. Even the windows were frozen shut, and within a day, my roof was adorned with stubborn icicles. Clearing the accumulated snow and ice around my house took considerable effort. Fortunately, I had prepped my car with this remarkable coating, which made snowflakes simply slide off, leaving no trace. Throughout the winter, my car remained free of snow and ice, its exterior unscathed – it’s almost miraculous. This investment was undeniably one of the wisest for my property and safety.” – Morgan Gibson, Texas

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

“Winters used to be a struggle, spending significant time and energy clearing snow around my car. However, a neighbor’s recommendation led me to this car coating, simplifying my life. During the four-month winter, I no longer had to manually clear snow (windshield wipers handle the rest) or deal with frozen doors. It’s a relief, especially if you’re not a morning person. No more rushing to clear your car.” – Reuben Andrews, Pennsylvania

What Makes the Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating Special?

  • Yard Machines’ proficiency in de-icing innovation
  • Comprehensive 360° de-icing coverage
  • Zero adverse effects on human health
  • Stylish design and user-friendly
  • Self-curing at room temperature
  • Offers combined features like corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, and self-cleaning surface.

How to Use:

  1. First clean the glass surface from any dirt or soil.
  2. Turn the top cover of the product to the left a few times to open.
  3. Apply an appropriate amount of the product evenly on the glass sur face and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Use clean water to rinse off the product from the glass surface.

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

Package Includes: 1 x Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating

RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating
RICPIND Hydrophobic SnowGuard Nano Coating
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