Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra


We’ve gotten great feedback from people who have used the Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra.

  Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra

“I love my Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra! I already felt great in it but once I put it on after the first wash, I instantly felt amazing. It was almost like magic! My arm fats had drastically reduced, and I could actually get rid of my fat rolls. The best part is that I don’t even need to put on a sports bra with it anymore. This bra has definitely helped me feel more comfortable in my clothes and confident about my body”—Theresa Sanchez—33, Queen, New York

“I was really skeptical about the results, but I tried it anyways. I started using Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra after having my baby. My breasts were saggy, and I had to buy a new bra every few months. Now my breasts are nice and firm again, and it’s only been 6 months. It’s amazing!”—Ashley Cullen—37, Atmore, Alabama
Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra

Designed to be comfortable and versatile, the Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra is an excellent bra to wear under t-shirts, for yoga, Pilates, or even everyday use. High-quality fabric provides excellent flexibility, breathability, and moisture management properties. The perforated back panel ensures that the weight of this bra is evenly distributed so you can move comfortably without a lot of pressure in any one area. Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra

What causes swollen lymph nodes in the armpit?

Sometimes, you may notice swollen lymph nodes in your neck, armpits, or groin. This is usually a sign that your immune system produces abundant B-cells to help your body fight off infection. Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit can be a sign of common viral infections, such as the flu or mono. They can also occur as a result of a bacterial infection or RA. In some cases, swollen lymph nodes are a symptom of cancer. Warm compresses and OTC pain medication can ease any pain or tenderness.

How does the lymphatic system work?

The lymphatic system is a network of delicate tubes throughout the body. It drains fluid (called lymph) that has leaked from the blood vessels into the tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream via the lymph nodes. The main roles of the lymphatic system include: managing the fluid levels in the body. The lymphatic system collects excess fluid that drains from cells and tissue throughout the body and returns it to the bloodstream, which is then recirculated through the body.

Tourmaline Fiber is a natural way to add fiber to your diet and increase your health.

Tourmaline fiber helps you relax and stay cool, so it’s perfect for wearing at night. And tourmaline generates negative ions, which help your body generate far infrared radiation–a good way to burn fat. Tourmaline also soothes muscles and gives you an all-over relaxation–ideal for improving your sleep and reducing stress.
Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra

How does Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra Works?

The Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra is your secret weapon for days when you want to feel amazing and look gorgeous. It’s made with a soft, stretchy fabric that conforms to the shape of your body, creating a natural lift while eliminating bulges under clothing. This seamless bra offers enhanced support and comfort even on larger bust sizes thanks to its three-part cups and lace trim, especially to its front closure design.

Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra

Speed up the process of lymphatic drainage and make it easier to lose weight

Our Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra is the most comfortable, supportive, and effective lymphatic drainage bra on the market. Rich in tourmaline and lymphatic massaging fibers to help promote lymphatic flow, this bra will make your day better while giving you smooth skin.

Clinically proven to help reduce back fat, bra fat, and bulges.

If you want to be less saggy, this is the bra for you. The Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra reduces or gets rid of fat while stimulating fluid retention under the arms. It helps to reroute fluid into the lymph nodes at the top of the thigh and the lymph nodes in the opposite armpit across the chest instead of the armpit where lymph nodes were removed.

What Makes Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra Special?

  • Benefits women with sagging, flappy breasts
  • Restore youthful and pert breasts
  • Enhance breast health
  • Figure-hugging comfort
  • Improve blood flow to reactivate cell renewal
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Enhance breast collagen integrity
  • Relieve chronic inflammation
  • health immunity and physical health
  • Maintain a youthful firmness to your breasts
  • Aids in removing arm fit fats
  • Ultra-Breathable fabric makes it perfect all year round

Here are some of our Happy Customers

Real Life transformations in our "No Back Fat Bra" - Before & After Pictures - Shapeez

“I am a very satisfied customer! I have been wearing this Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra every day for a month now, and I’m pleased to say that my results have been great! My back pain has lessened significantly. The first week I wore the bra, I lost two pounds just by wearing it. This is an amazing product that really works!”—Brianna Peterson

Real Life transformations in our "No Back Fat Bra" - Before & After Pictures - Shapeez

“I have been wearing the Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra for the past two weeks and I am very pleased with the results I have achieved from wearing it. Since I started wearing it, my breasts look fuller and perkier, my skin feels smoother and tighter, and my belly and arm fat has shrunk. Additionally, the bra’s material is soft and comfortable.”—Christina Smith Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra

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Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra
Ricpind Tourmaline LymphDetox FrontClosure Bra
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