Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap

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Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap

Tip: It is recommended to purchase two or more for alternating use.

This relief cap is reusable & wearable for migraines, and helps puffy eyes, tension, sinus, stress relief and inflammation. Less need for other support. You can use it at rest, it’s convenient and comfortable. The upgraded tailoring is more suitable for facial contours, increasing the covering area of the face and the back of the head. Highly elastic fabric and soft solid gel makes the headache hat stretchable, and ensures its fittness for EVERY FACE & HEAD. slip-on design without hard inserts, velcro, band or straps makes this wearable migraine mask provides 360°natural cooling therapy easily

2. How Cold or Hot Do Attachy ChillEase Products Get and How Long Do They Last?

Seurico™ deliver an unparalleled level of comfort and relaxation, meticulously designed to reach perfect temperatures with each use.

Our expert-grade gel and premium insulation are engineered to maintain the optimal temperature for up to 20 minutes.
3. How Long Does It Take Attachy ChillEase to Freeze or Heat Up?
Cold Therapy: Store in the freezer or refrigerator based on your preference. It usually takes approximately 2 hours to achieve the optimal ‘frozen’ temperature. We suggest keeping it in the freezer/fridge for instant availability.
Hot Therapy: Place it in the microwave at room temperature for just 20 seconds, and Attachy ChillEase is primed to guide you into a state of profound relaxation.

4. What Types of Headaches Does Attachy ChillEase Headache Relief Cap Assist With?

Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap is effective for various types of headaches, including:
  • Migraine
  • TMJ Headache
  • Headache from caffeine withdrawal or hangover
  • Neck Headache
  • Robound Headche
  • Sinus Pain
  • Cluster Headache
  • Tension Headache
It also aids in reducing eye puffiness and ensures a cool and comfortable head on hot days.

Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap

5. Does The Entire Headache Relief Cap Gets Hot Or Cold?

Certainly. Every part of Seurico™ provides a warming or cooling sensation. An integral factor contributing to the product’s effectiveness lies in Attachy ChillEase’s ability to make direct contact, delivering precise hot or cold therapy to targeted areas.

6. It Is Easy To Put It On And Take It Off?

Absolutely! Not only is the Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap effortlessly worn and removed in seconds, but our customers also express the experience as remarkably refreshing. It’s a simple process. Just effortlessly slide it over your head, akin to putting on a hat, and relish the following moments as the pain gradually dissipates, immersing you in total relaxation. Once done, effortlessly slide it off and store it back in the freezer, housed in your freezer bag, until you’re prepared to indulge in its soothing comfort once more.
Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap

Package Includes: 1 x Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap

Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap
Seurico™ Attachy Migraine Relief Cap
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