Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick


Paint your eyes with a stunning, head-turning shimmer that lasts using this diamond sparkle eyeshadow makeup stick!

Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick

This highly-pigmented, glitter-packed eyeshadow stick can instantly deliver the best wash of eye-catching sparkly lids in just a swipe. It offers a multi-dimensional effect that shimmers stunningly and brightly in different light with a long-lasting, non-smudging staying power. Providing you an all day and night accentuated, glimmery painted eyes that bounds to turn head everywhere with little to no retouching! This eyeshadow stick comes in a different pearlescent shade that can flatter all eyes and skin-tones. Available in ice queen, golden beach, twilight, aliceland, pink purple aurora, and moonlight princess.

The diamond sparkle eyeshadow provides a lightweight, non-sticky finish with no glitter fallouts to give you that maximum comfort wearing. It even has an unmatched blendability that enables you to swipe layers of your desired coverage without being cakey or creasing. You can apply it to your entire upper eyelids, lower eyelids, inner eye corners, center of the lids, lining, highlighting, and creating various beautifully sparkly looks. Formulated with premium ingredients that can be used daily for long without any allergic reactions and discomfort. The perfect companion for evening night out, dinner, dates, proms, galas, picnics, everyday use, and so on.

Let’s bring on the shimmer and step up your makeup look to the next glammed up level with this diamond sparkle eyeshadow stick!


  • Stunning Glitter Highlight Stick
    A full-on glimmer eyeshadow makeup formulated with a high-pigmented color effect and gorgeous glittery particles. Its clear multi-dimensional pearlescent specks of glimmer can wink stunningly and brightly in different light and even through the deep of night. Providing you a head-turning makeup finish that makes your eyes accentuate more and totally captivating anytime, anywhere. No worries as it is perfectly buildable so you can apply your desired layer of coverage without looking awkwardly thick or cakey. Ideal for a subtle or bold makeup with a beautifully hyper-sparkly touch.

Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick

  • Long-Lasting Shimmer
    This eyeshadow glitter sparkle stick adopts an impressive staying power and quick-drying performance. It effectively supplies your eyelids with a nice wash of pigment and shimmery highlights without fading, smudging, or messy glitter fallouts. Furthermore, this eyeshadow stick can also withstand sweat, sebum, and moisture. Allowing you to have an all day long sparkle on any environmental conditions with little to no retouching needed. The sparkly eyeshadow stick can be applied without leaving any unwanted stickiness and heavy feel for a lasting high-comfort wearing.

  • Multiple Sparkly Shades
    The diamond sparkle eyeshadow comes in various sparkle-packed pigments that can flatter any eyes and complement every skin tone. Available in silver, champagne, gold, sunrise, blossom, pink and more. Each shimmery hue can be used for lining, highlighting, and creating gorgeously multidimensional eye looks. Suitable for glamorous evening night out, dinner, dates, proms, galas, picnics, everyday use, and more possibilities.

Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick

  • Quick and Easy Application
    This stunning eyeshadow shimmer supplies an easy swipe-and-go method that will let you instantly paint the perfect blend of color and sparkle all at once. Simply apply it on your inner corner or fully on your upper and lower eyelids until you meet your desired glimmer and hue, and you’re all good. No need for multiple brushes or finger blending required anymore. Making it a great addition to every makeup kit whether your beginners, professional artists, salon, makeup enthusiasts, celebrity, cosplayers, and those always on time crunch.
  • Premium Ingredients
    Formulated with the highest quality, skin-friendly ingredients that boasts a remarkable pigment that’s jam-packed with sparkles. It can be used daily on all skin types without experiencing irritations, itchiness, discomfort, and other allergic reactions. This fine sparkly eyeshadow makeup is also odor-free and can be applied safely near the eyes unlike with other products.
  • Weight: 10g
  • 1 x Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick

Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick
Shinpearl™ Sparkling Eyeshadow Stick
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