Soft Women’s Orthopedic Shoes

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Are you tired of having to compromise between comfort and style when choosing your footwear?

Take a look at our shoe that combines the best of both worlds.

The curvature of the shoe conforms to the principle of ergonomics, and the proportion of the structure of the sole of the foot and the heel conforms to the principle of ergonomics. Say goodbye to sore arches and heel throbbing with advanced orthopedic technology that provides ultimate support for your feet, relieves pressure points and promotes proper alignment.

High-quality breathable leather fabric: the shoe body is made of breathable fabric material, which is soft and comfortable to the touch, comfortable and breathable, keeps the feet dry at all times, comfortable to the touch, pleasant to the touch, good air permeability, and improves walking comfort

Soft and Comfortable: It can be bent 360° without deformation, and the flexible and non-slip beef tendon sole and shock absorption function provide excellent comfort, support and traction while walking. The soft feel conforms to the shape of the foot with use. Very comfortable for all day walking or standing.

Product Description

  • Name: Soft Ladies Orthopedic Shoes
  • Applicable age: adults.
  • Upper Material: Microfiber.
  • Sole Material: Calf Tendon.
  • Shape: round head.
  • Material Process: Hand Sewn.
  • Inner Material: Microfiber.
  • Color: White/Red/Black/Brown.
  • Sizes: 35/36/37/38/39/40/41

Full of modernity: urban fashion color style, modern classic, beautiful and fashionable, suitable for various scenes, dazzling brightness endows youthful vitality, simple but not simple, full of youthful atmosphere.

Perfect’s unique anti-slip technology provides a firm grip for your feet, allowing you to walk safely on any surface.

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