SoundSleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers


SoundSleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers work by addressing the underlying causes of snoring and promoting improved airflow during sleep.

  • Mouth Breathing Prevention: The stickers are strategically placed over the lips to encourage nasal breathing during sleep. Nasal breathing helps to optimize airflow by filtering, warming, and moisturizing the air before it reaches the lungs. By promoting nasal breathing, the stickers aim to reduce snoring caused by mouth breathing.
  • Stabilizing the Jaw and Tongue: SoundSleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers also assist in stabilizing the jaw and tongue during sleep. When the jaw or tongue relaxes and falls back, it can contribute to airway blockage and snoring. The stickers provide gentle support, helping to maintain proper positioning of the jaw and tongue, thereby reducing the likelihood of snoring.
  • Enhancing Airflow: By promoting nasal breathing and preventing the relaxation of the jaw and tongue, the stickers help to improve the overall airflow dynamics during sleep. This leads to reduced airway obstruction and can result in a significant decrease in snoring intensity and frequency.

SoundSleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers has the following product:

  • Package: 1 x Sound Sleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers

SoundSleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers
SoundSleep™ Anti Snoring Stickers
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