Spirit Bracelet

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Spirit Bracelet


Sensitive, intuitive and creative, You are the poetic dreamer of the zodiac. Even if you appear to blend in with the crowd, behind your bright eyes is a whole range of emotions and feelings you are continuously processing and expressing. Because you are so perceptive, you are capable of brilliant insights and beautiful unique work.

But you also dislike the mundane details of life, so you sometimes shy away from responsibilities or boring routines. Since you feel so deeply, you tend to get lost in your own world from time to time, and day-dream amazing things.

Your Qualities: Sensitive, Intuitive, Creative, Dreamer, Vibrant, Intelligent

You are a creative soul in this world, let it be shown to the people around you.

Unlocks Abundance

Embrace a reality where scarcity is replaced with abundance, as the powerful forces of the Universe swiftly manifest your deepest aspirations.


Attracts Prosperity

Embrace good fortune, blessings, and Inner peace. Leave behind negativity that has hindered your desired life, and embrace a brighter future.

Unleashes Manifestation

You establish a deep connection with the Universe through effective communication. Negative energy acts as a barrier, blocking your access to the Universe. However, by actively repelling this energy, you unlock the powerful Law of Attraction. As a result, the Universe listens attentively to your desires and manifests them accordingly.

Spirit Bracelet

Spirit Bracelet
Spirit Bracelet
Original price was: $32.98.Current price is: $16.98. Select options