Sport Highland Pro Bottes

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Sport Highland Pro Bottes

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The Highland Pro Boots are a unique design that offers a waterproof, comfortable, supportive and protective tall boot that will revolutionize the world’s waterproof boot market. Limited stock available in this new color. Be quick to ensure you get a pair this season. There tend to be 3 options for outdoor workers when choosing the best footwear for the type of work and conditions; 1) Wellington boots, 2) walking boots and 3) walking boots with fitted guides. Each of the 3 options has positive and negative points. Wellingtons offer great waterproof properties, but very limited support and comfort. Walking boots offer good support and comfort, but limited waterproof capabilities compared to Wellingtons. The option of fitting a gaiter to walking boots is an improvement but can be time consuming, delicate and ultimately water can still get underneath. With the Highland Pro, you have all the advantages but none of the disadvantages. The Highland Pro offers a walking boot interior with a Gore-Tex membrane to aid breathability. It also features a built-in gaiter that is sealed to the walking boot and has an external rubber rand to ensure durability and make this boot 100% waterproof. The result is a high-performance boot with great ankle support, grip and superior waterproofing. The adjustable velcro fastening at the top enhances the boot by reducing splashing into the boot and also reducing the possibility of ticks reaching your skin. Featuring the special BOA closure system to allow ease of use and comfort. Closure requires only the twist of the dial to tighten the boot to your individual needs by not tying the required laces. A personalized fit without pressure points is achieved thanks to the BoA Millimetric closure system which evenly distributes pressure. The protective heat-sealed gaier and waterproof T-zip make the Highland Pro boot completely waterproof.

Sport Highland Pro Bottes
Sport Highland Pro Bottes
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