Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband


Apparently, This Viral Headband Gives You The “Sunglasses Effect”
Give your fluffy curls a final, stunning touch-up with this invisible curly hair headband!

This hair accessory is specifically designed to give your thickened curls an additional instant volume while staying invisible. Featuring a unique square shape style that enables it to hold securely even onto those with thickest of mane. Furthermore, it also effectively keeps your tresses back so you can freely do your daily task without them reaching your eyes and face.

The curly hair headband does not contain pressure point teeth so it can grip firmly without the discomfort and headaches after. Moreover, it can be worn for a prolonged period and not leave any awkward creases or indentation to your locks. This headband is also gentle to your curls as it does not painfully tug or pull unlike with other products. Making it a perfect everyday wear on any occasions that you can also give to your curly-haired friends. Made with premium plastic materials that boats to last for countless of years with daily usage without snapping or deforming.

Headband fits like sunglasses providing lift and style without giving you a headache Band!


  • Instant Hair Volume
    A specially designed beauty headband for those with medium to extra thick curly or coily tresses. It has a unique square shaped style that fits like sunglasses and stays securely even onto the most voluminous hair. This headband provides an instant boost of beautifully looking hair volume in a single push up. It also successfully hides onto the locks to give a nice invisible look. Moreover, the headband can effectively keep back and tame even the thickest of mane to stop them from reaching the eyes and face.

Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband

  • Comfortable Wearing
    Lightweight that you won’t even feel it being worn on the head. It is also built with an increased flexibility and is smartly shaped to provide an extra gripping without snagging. The headband comes with a bent foot on both ends that fits seamlessly around the ears so you can simultaneously wear glasses without interference. It does not contain any sharp teeth unlike the traditional headband so it can grip firmly without putting on pressure to prevent headaches and discomfort. Providing you a relaxed-fitting for an all day long high-comfort experience.

  • Great Gift Idea
    Perfect for everyday wear at home or on any occasions. Making it an ideal present to give to your curly-haired loved ones, including mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, and even to your long curly haired male friends. Suitable to give on during birthdays, christmas, special day, random gifting, holidays, and more possibilities. Available in different fancy colors, including black, blue, silver, rose gold, brown, and transparent.

Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic polycarbonate plastic frames that boasts an impressive durability, toughness, and fixing force. It can hold out against multiple drops and countless years of daily use without snapping, deforming, or rusting. This headband does not also produce static electricity and it does not leave creases or make your tresses poking everywhere when you take it off.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 5.5x6inch
  • Color: Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, silver, beige, white, black, gold
  • Package Includes: 1 x Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband

Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband

Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband
Sunglasses Effect Invisible curly hair Headband
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