Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag

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Refresh your bag collection with the perfect, fashionable on-the-go accessory with this trendy leather quilted messenger bag!

Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag

This timeless beauty boasts minimalist, rhombus design with a single, spacious interior that can neatly hold items of various sizes. Suitable for your daily on-the-go necessities such as phones, wallets, cosmetics, airpods, perfumes, keys, card holders, handkerchiefs, and more possibilities. It comes with a middle zippered closure that effectively secures your belongings anytime while providing you ease of accessibility. Additionally, the bag is highly lightweight even when filled in and it has a non-slip strap that you can adjust to your comfort fit. Allowing it to be worn as a classic crossbody or shoulder bag all day long without causing aches, stains, strap markings and so on.

The fine leather bag can perfectly match and step up a myriad of ensembles whether its simple everyday fit, lavish dresses, or office attire. Making it an ideal fashionable companion on dates, picnics, malling, traveling, fancy outings, fine dining, parties, festivities, and other occasions. It offers superb craftsmanship that is made with durable and waterproof vegan leather material. This stylish bag can withstand years of multiple usage without tearing, deforming, discoloration and damage.

Upgrade your everyday bag to the next vogue level without sacrificing comfort and practicality using this leather messenger bag!


  • Excellent Carrying Capacity
    A fine crossbody bag designed with a simplistic, primed to perfection structure that boasts a convenient, roomy interior. It can organizedly hold in your daily necessities, including smartphones, wallets, cosmetics, airpods, perfumes, keys, handkerchiefs, and more possible items. No worries as it can successfully store all of your essentials of various types and sizes without damaging or awkward bulking. Featuring a smooth-sliding middle zippered closure that secures all your belongings inside at all times from slipping out and from getting stolen. Moreover, it also enables you to easily see all of your items at once and quickly access your needs.

  • Ergonomically Design
    Ideally light so it won’t weigh you down even when it’s filled with your essentials. It comes with a soft-to-touch leather strap that can sit comfortably on your shoulders all throughout the day or night. Additionally, the stylish bag smartly adopts an increased support to help and protect your body as you carry it with you. Saving you from experiencing shoulder strain, fatigue, strap marks, and other discomfort.
  • Perfectly Adjustable
    Has a study strap that can be freely adjusted in longer or shorter length depending on your desired comfort fit. Furthermore, it also provides the user the freedom of carrying the bag the way they like it. You can use it as a stylish crossbody or as a chic, shoulder bag without decreasing the grip for support to ensure an all day pleasant comfort.
  • Highly Fashionable
    Offers a stunning rhombus stitching style and a luxurious golden nameplate for a more elegant touch. It can fashionably go on to your different OOTDs whether it be for simple, everyday fits, lavish dress codes, or even for sophisticated office styles. Making it a perfect match-made for various occasions like dates, picnics, malling, traveling, fancy outings, fine dining, parties, festivities, and more possibilities.

Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, vegan PU leather material with an excellent overall durability and waterproof performance. This crossbody bag also supplies an exceptional double stitching and zippered quality. It can withstand years of everyday use without tearing, deforming, and wearing-off unlike with other products.


  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: 20 x 6 x 12cm
  • Color: Black / White / Red / Brown / Pink

Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag


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    Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag

Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag
Trendy Leather Quilted Messenger Bag
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