Universal 360° PRO – Magsafe Phone Mount for Car


Universal 360° PRO – Magsafe Phone Mount for Car

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The Car Phone Holder of Your Dreams

Prepare for a Revolutionary Viewing Experience! With a 360-degree ball joint and an adjustable telescopic arm, this baby will get your phone in the perfect position without blocking your view (no more craning your neck, hallelujah!).

Magically Magnetic

Secure your phone like a boss! Say goodbye to distractions and hello to stability with the Universal 360° PRO – Magsafe Phone Mount. Elevate your driving experience with this sleek accessory for a hassle-free journey. Drive smarter, drive safer!

Space-Saving Sorcery

Shrink It, Fold It, and Unleash Your Unobstructed Driving Superpowers! The Magic Bracket that Rotates, Adjusts, and Keeps Your Eyes on the Prize!

Navigate with Peace of Mind

No Signal Interference, Just Smooth Sailing! Our Customized Magnets Create a Magnetic Field That Won’t Mess with Your Phone’s Mojo.

Built to Outshine

This Mighty Marvel Defies Oxidation with its High-End Aviation Alloy Material! Crafted from Aerospace-Grade Awesomeness, it’s Durability at Its Finest!

Unleash the Magnetic Powerhouse

120 Times Stronger Suction for Epic Holding Capacity! Our Super Strong Magnetic Force Keeps Things Steady, Even on the Wildest Rides! Say Hello to Stability and Bid Farewell to Slip-ups!

Nano Super Glue

No Trace Left Behind! Our Non-Marking Adhesive Backing Stays Put, Even on Gravity-Defying Surfaces! Stick it, Remove it, and Leave No Evidence Behind! Perfect for Inclined Surfaces and Pranksters Extraordinaire!

No Limits, No Boundaries!

Our Versatile Wonder Works in Any Scenario You Can Imagine! It’s Like Having a Sidekick That’s Always Ready to Adapt and Thrive in Multiple Scenarios! So, Whether You’re at Home, Work, or Exploring the Unknown, Our Magical Gadget Has Got You Covered!

Universal 360° PRO – Magsafe Phone Mount for Car


  • Size: 15 × 6 × 6 cm / 5.9 × 2.4 × 2.4 inch
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Quick and Easy Setup; 360-degree Rotation; Durable Material

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Universal 360° PRO - Magsafe Phone Mount for Car
Universal 360° PRO – Magsafe Phone Mount for Car
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