7 in 1 Educational Busy Book


7 in 1 Educational Busy Book
7 in 1 Educational Busy Book

7 in 1 Educational Busy Book

Multi Pages busy Book is self-directed activity, which enables children to develop independently and develop basic abilities in life.

Our Educational Busy Book has various buckles, designed at different levels of difficulty, helps your child gain concepts of matching, learn how to dresscolor recognitionhand-eye coordinationimprove fine motor skills and develop problem-solving skills.

This Busy Book Includes seven different pages such as Life Skills Activities,  Colors Board, Numbers Board, Alphabet Board, Shapes Board, Wipeable Draw Board and Space Puzzle Board.

Hand-held design

Hand-held design of the busy board allows kids can carry it everywhere, which also is a veritable Travel Toy for AirplanesCars, and other Outdoors Activities.

Alphabet Board

Learning how to read is a lifelong journey that starts with recognition of letters. Without it, kids struggle and cannot learn word sounds or name the pictured object shown in order for them to succeed at reading!

Colors Board and Shapes Board

Learning colors and shapes helps your little one:

 Understand math and geometric concepts like shape, size, space, and position.

 Learn to sort and categorise , which are essential for problem-solving.

 Learn letters and numbers, because those are made of shapes!

 Use descriptive vocabulary (I see a yellow flower). 

 Use visual discrimination to associate shapes and colors with familiar objects.

Numbers Board

The development of early number sense is critical for children to be able to understand math in later years.

In order to effectively develop number sense in your children, they need lots of hands on practice countingsubitizing and decomposing numbers.

Wipeable Drawing Board

Using tools to draw offers a wide range of experiences to strengthen skills that are important before young children can learn to write:

 Finger, hand, arm, and shoulder strength

 Hand dominance

 Pencil grasp

 Interpreting and making sense of images

 Manipulation of objects

 Eye-hand coordination

 Crossing the imaginary midline

 Using both hands together (bilateral coordination)

Puzzle Board and Skills Activities

Puzzles build several aspects of visual perception such as:

 Visual memory – the ability to remember what is seen 

 Visual discrimination – seeing similarities and differences in things

 Visual comprehension – making sense of what you see

 Perception of shapes

 Visual analysis and synthesis – seeing patterns and putting them together 


  • Material: Non-woven Fabrics and Soft Felted Wool
  • Recommended Age: 1-6 years old
  • Open Size: 45*28cm
  • Seven pages of various activities

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