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Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume uses the strongest dopamine blend available, made from plants containing dopamine or dopamine precursors, such as fern, perilla, etc. The product emits an invisible scent that can increase the social attractiveness and intimacy of people around you. If you want to effectively improve your social skills, dopamine perfume can help you become the most confident version of yourself.

Scientifically proven

The scientifically formulated Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume has been shown to attract and activate its receptors, according to osmological researchers. Dopamine is a chemical that plays an important role as a neurotransmitter both inside and outside the body.
In living organisms, dopamine is synthesized from the amino acid tyrosine via a complex biosynthetic pathway. In vitro, dopamine can act by binding to the corresponding dopamine receptor.

When dopamine binds to a receptor, it can trigger a series of signaling processes, which in turn regulate the release of dopamine, increase feelings of pleasure and well-being, and increase social attractiveness.

What is dopamine?

Dopamine plays an important regulatory role in the human body and is a neurotransmitter closely associated with aspects of reward, motivation, mood, motor control and cognitive function. Dopamine also acts in vitro and can alter behavior. Dopamine can affect a person’s social behavior, including social contact and social readiness. Research has shown that the presence of dopamine can influence a person’s positivity and proactivity in social interactions and increase the frequency and extent of social behaviors.

Body scent Perfect Fusion?

Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume has a tailored fragrance formulation and ion binding technology that releases a unique aroma that promotes dopamine synthesis and increases social attraction. When you are around another person, they instinctively want to shake your hand or hug you when they smell you and want to get to know you better, which may be related to the production of dopamine. In fact, dopamine plays an important role in socialization and an increase in dopamine levels can affect those around you by triggering excitement or positive emotions in them. This helps to boost confidence and make social interactions smoother and more enjoyable.

Why is Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume so effective?

Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume enables the user to send subtle signals of attraction from themselves. The fragrance builds on its predecessor, Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume, by adding an extra layer of enticing aroma. Dopamine binds to receptors on dopamine-receiving neurons, transmitting signals and influencing neuronal activity, regulating mood, motivation and reward, influencing personal attraction and exuding an adorable smell. Friends are attracted to the scent, their senses are heightened and they are naturally drawn to the user.

In first love and a new romantic relationship, the use of Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume can lead to an intense release of dopamine, which leads to strong arousal and feelings of happiness and makes people intoxicated, excited and longing to be close to their partner.

With Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume, the likelihood of being recognized, praised or successful in a social situation increases, as does the production of dopamine, further enhancing the experience of social rewards and strengthening motivation and engagement in social interactions.

What makes Coolord™ VSA Dopamine perfume so special?

✅Improve your relationships
✅ Promotes natural dopamine production
✅ Build trust and romantic relationships
✅ An uplifting and timeless scent
✅ Excellent concentration of high quality dopamine
✅ Silky, moisturizing blend for increased dopamine uptake
✅ Increase your own dopamine with this aromatic attractant

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Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume
Coolord™ VSA Dopamine Perfume
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