HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit


Are you tired of uncomfortable dentures? Say goodbye to sore spots and irritation with our revolutionary Soft Denture Reline Kit. Designed for unsurpassed comfort, our kit allows you to apply silicone to your dentures to ensure a customized fit that conforms to your individual mouth shape.

Introducing the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit – your solution for comfortable dentures!

The HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit is based on the principle of customized comfort. Conventional dentures can often cause discomfort due to poor fit, resulting in sore spots and irritation. Our kit addresses this problem by allowing users to apply a soft silicone material directly to their dentures.

HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit

Once applied, the silicone conforms to the contours of the wearer’s mouth, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. This customized fit not only increases comfort, but also improves the stability of the prosthesis, allowing users to go about their daily activities with confidence.

Main features of the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit:

  1. Immediately perfect teeth: Achieve the perfect fit instantly with the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit. Say goodbye to uncomfortable dentures and say hello to a comfortable, customized fit that feels natural. Experience instant relief from soreness and irritation so you can enjoy your smile without worry.
    HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit
  2. Customized comfort: Our set is tailored to your individual mouth shape and offers customized comfort like never before. The soft silicone material adapts to the contours of your gums for a secure and comfortable fit that lasts all day. Enjoy freedom from discomfort and rediscover the joy of wearing dentures with HONXI™.
    HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit
  3. Safe and Durable: Rest assured that the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit is both safe and durable. Made from high-quality materials, our silicone formula is non-toxic and gentle on your gums. What’s more, the long-lasting composition ensures durability, so you can have peace of mind every time you use it.
  4. HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit
  5. Easy application: Say goodbye to complicated procedures and hello to effortless application with HONXI™. Our kit is designed for convenience, so you can quickly and easily apply the silicone to your denture. Thanks to the included step-by-step instructions, achieving a comfortable, customized fit has never been easier. Enjoy hassle-free application and instant relief with the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit.
    HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit

That’s why the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit is something special

  • Customizable silicone relining for dentures.
  • Immediate relief from sore spots and discomfort.
  • Durable and long-lasting wearing comfort.
  • Non-toxic and safe for oral use.
  • Tight fit for improved stability.
  • Natural feel for confident smiling, eating and speaking.
  • Suitable for upper and lower dentures.
  • Easy to understand application instructions.
  • Suitable for home use.
  • Increased comfort for all-day wear.

Why choose this product:

When you choose the HONXI™ Soft Denture Reline Kit, you are choosing unparalleled comfort and convenience. With its customizable silicone relining, instant relief from sore spots and long-lasting durability, this product offers an excellent solution to traditional denture discomfort. HONXI™ is non-toxic and safe for oral use, providing a good fit and improved stability so you can smile, eat and speak with confidence all day long. With easy-to-follow application instructions, it is suitable for home use and offers a hassle-free solution to denture discomfort.

How to use:

  1. Prepare the dentures: Clean your denture thoroughly and make sure it is dry before inserting it.
  2. Apply silicone: Apply the HONXI™ silicone relining material evenly to the surface of your denture using the applicator provided.
  3. Wear dentures: Place the dentures in your mouth and press firmly to ensure a secure fit. Enjoy instant relief and all-day comfort!

Product details: 1 x HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit

HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit
HONXI™ Reline soft denture kit
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