Mini Smartphone Telescope

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The Mini SmartphoneTelescope will allow you to take high quality photos of distant objects!
Many people think that professional cameras are the only devices that can take effective zoom photos. But aren’t they expensive? What if there was a device that you could attach to your smartphone and take high-quality zoom photos at a very affordable price?! Check out our Mini SmartphoneTelescope!
Mini Smartphone Telescope
Moreover, it is very easy to adjust this Telescope to your phone. Most importantly, the standard camera size fits this Telescope very comfortably.
Taking photos at weddings, parties and other events with the Mini Smartphone Telescope will definitely make you a great photographer. Also suitable for your iOS and Android smartphones.

Package Includes: 1 x Mini SmartphoneTelescope

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Mini Smartphone Telescope
Mini Smartphone Telescope
Original price was: $51.90.Current price is: $25.95. Select options