Pilot Series Sunglasses


Pilot Series Sunglasses

Finally the days are getting longer, the temperatures are steadily climbing, and the sun is shining more regularly again. With the beginning of the warmer seasons, it is time for a fresh look, for which a great pair of sunglasses is an essential component. This season, we invite you to show off your best look with the perfect addition of sunglasses to go with any outfit.


In this model, high-quality sun protection is combined with noble design! This combination makes our sunglasses suitable for everyday use and sets your eyes safely in scene! Thanks to the creativity and innovation put forth by our designers in Italy, there are now countless exciting variations of the once simple and discreet model.

UNIQUE: Our sunglasses are designed in Italy by professional designers and manufactured with high quality material.

HIGH VALUE: For intense sunlight, sunglasses with a protection value of up to 400 nanometers are advisable. For this reason, our lenses are equipped with a UV protection factor of 400.

COMFORTABLE: Two stainless steel spring hinges ensure a tension-free fit on the head.

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Pilot Series Sunglasses
Pilot Series Sunglasses
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