Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle


Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle

Effortlessly scoop seasonings from the bottom with the integrated retractable spoon. Its rubber-sealed lid keeps contents fresh, while the clear glass design adds elegance. Perfect for storing condiments, spices, and even liquid sauces.

Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle


RETRACTABLE SPOON – Retractable spoon is integrated into the seasoning containers’ lid so you can easily scoop the seasoning at the bottom without much effort.

GOOD SEALING – The integrated design of a spoon and lid with a rubber sealing ring makes each salt jar airtight.This set of airtight jars keeps salt and sugar fresh without getting wet and lumpy.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Made of high quality clear glass, high temperature resistant design.The spices in the transparent bottle are clear at a glance. easy to disassemble and clean. Only the glass bottles can be put in the dishwasher. hand washes other parts.

Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle

USAGE – The seasoning containers set can be used to hold a variety of condiments, such as sugar, salt, spices, seasoning, and jam,honey bee, olive oil other liquid sauce.


Color: White, Green


Lid: PP

Sealing ring: Silicone

Bottle: Glass

Weight: 189g

Size: 8.15 * 14cm


Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle*1

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Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle
Retractable Spoon Seasoning Bottle
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