4 Blades Wood Stove Fans Heat Powered


4 Blades Wood Stove Fans Heat Powered
4 Blades Wood Stove Fans Heat Powered

4 Blades Wood Stove Fans Heat Powered


Why do we need a  woodburning stove fan?

undefinedWithout a wood stove fan, a lot of heat generated by a stove will lost as the air will rise directly vertically. However, our wood stove fireplace fan uses the blades to divert the warm air horizontally to fill the whole room as opposed to the area directly between the stove and the ceiling.
Our heat powered wood stove fan requires no electricity or batteries to operate, it uses the heat from your stove to power the fan and efficiently disperses the heat around your room. Our wood stove fan will also reduce the heat dependency from your stove thereby saving your money in the long term on fuel costs.

If your house has fireplace, you deserve our fireplace fan!

– No electricity required, reducing wood usage, saving energy and costs.

– Heat fan blades are made of anodized aluminum and will not rust or corrode.

– Less than 32 dB, so quiet you won’t even realize it’s working.

– Overheating protection design, thick base can prevent the stove fan from shaking and overturning, safe enough.

-Effectively distributes heating air volume to every corner of the room to ensure the health of your family in winter.


Efficient heat distribution, Make your home warm

Without such a wood stove fan, you would have to stand near the fireplace or hot radiator, which is impractical, dangerous and takes a long time to feel the heat.


Wood stove fans non electric, Energy saving and efficient

With the increasing global energy shortage, environmental pollution problems are more serious, energy prices are also rising. Using the wood stove fan heat powered not only saves energy, protects the environment, but also save money.


1. Below 80°C, or higher than 345°C, the wood stove fan does not work.

2. 80-200°C and 320-345°C with slower wind speeds.

3. The ideal temperature is 200-320°C, wind speed and heat dissipation will be perfect.


Prevent overheating

A bimetallic strip is integrated into the base of the stove fan and slightly raises the edge of the fan when approaching maximum operating temperature to protect the pellet stove fan motor.


Easy to use

No electricity required, no assembly required, just place it on a smooth surface of your wood stove (follow instructions in the instructions). When the wood stove fan reaches 80℃, it will start spinning.


Safe design

The ecofan wood stove fan is equipped with a handle to prevent burns and is easy to move. All you have to do is place it on your wood stove and when it reaches the appropriate temperature, it will radiate heat throughout the room!


A must-have accessory for your fireplace! ! It’s beautifully packaged, a perfect gift for friends, family for Christmas and New Year.


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